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Lin, 2013

Yo-Yo Lin (SACI Alumna, Fall 2013), a Taiwanese-American artist from Los Angeles, California, is creating exciting innovations in immersive installations and Virtual Reality art.

Lin is Artistic Director of The Family, described as “a multi-media collective of storytellers who care,” and “coast to coast art facilitators.” The collective, including Lin, Will Cherry, Steve Dabal, Elle Callahan, and Michael Matchen, is making a lasting impression with their work in the newest art technologies. Their work uses sound, animation, and other sensory elements to create immersive art and Virtual Reality experiences and events.

Most recently, The Family was an integral part in Manifest 1.0, a sonic and sensory immersive installation launch in October 2017 in East Williamsburg at Founders Lab, spearheaded by Executive Producer Jordan Caldwell and hailed as a must-see show in New York. A series of physical installations created to explore sonic and visual art through multi-sensory experiences, Manifest 1.0 is set in a world envisioned by singer-songwriter Sunni Colón in conjunction with his design agency, Tetsu, and was recently featured in The Huffington Post and Surface Magazine.

In 2016, The Family took part in Convergence 2016 at the 54th New York Film Festival, where their project Ricerca VR, an installation imported into virtual reality, was featured as one of the festival’s “immersive experiences that redefine the idea of cinematic storytelling.”

Ricerca VR (Italian for “research”) began shortly after Lin’s time studying at SACI in Florence, Italy. Originally presented as a large-scale video installation, the reimagined piece employs virtual reality to extend its life beyond the gallery space. In it, a man scours his memories for something lost, traversing a lush world rendered with a vibrant mix of 2D and stop motion animation, in a search for love, for forgiveness, for meaning. The piece embodies an essential aspect of our humanity.

While studying at SACI, Lin exhibited her video, Unstable Territories – Faces, at the CCC Strozzina Center of Contemporary Culture and at La Corte Arte Contemporanea Gallery in Florence with SACI’s Digital Multimedia class, taught by Dejan Atanackovic. Since her time in Florence, she has worked extensively in the fields of digital multimedia and installation, animation, VR, and immersive art.

See more of Lin's work on her website.

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