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Work(in)Space: Rachel Dziga

WORK(IN)SPACE: "SLANG," an exhibition of new works by SACI MFA in Studio Art candidate Rachel Dziga

SACI's Maidoff Gallery  
Opening Reception: Thursday, January 24 at 6pm
On View: January 24-27, 2019

Rachel Dziga: "SLANG"

If Art is a Language then define your...SLANG.

Art is a universal language that must be violated, manipulated, and continually changed in order to serve any purpose to man and society.

Slang is the weapon that we have against the antiquated art system. Through the use of pop volume graphic art, Rachel Dziga has armored herself to take on sci-political norms in comic form. Her work has evolved through several mediums of the art language, before nurturing roots in comics. This distillation sprung from the endeavor to communicate scientific innovation, which is her main catalyst for creation. She believes that we are entrusted as artists to communicate knowledge in order to promote curiosity and foster a community of rebellious citizens that engage in discourse over the progression of society. This humanistic concept hearkens back to the sciartists that created and sustain the allure which is Florence.

“Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world.” Leonardo da Vinci

Rachel Dziga chooses comics for it's timelessness and flexibility. As a medium it has been employed throughout time; from early cave paintings that depicted the story of the hunt; to elaborate biblical frescoes of Renaissance churches; to pop artists such as Roy Lichtenstein; to the every growing cultural phenomenon that is the Marvel and DC universes.  Sequential art has permeated throughout the art landscape because of its strength to elicit an emotional response from the viewer without pretentiousness.

The artist, Rachel Dziga, invites viewers to be curious and question everything, to find their inner artist and build their own personal slang.

WORK(IN)SPACE is a series of exhibition projects by SACI 2nd-Year MFA Candidates in Studio Art, as part of the Professional Practicum Seminar. Students work directly with SACI's Maidoff Gallery to critically engage with the challenges offered by preparing an exhibition. Each week a new opening presents a coherent body of work of the artists. Working in a one-to-one relationship with SACI Instructors Daria Filardo and Pietro Gaglianò, students step outside of their studio environment to rethink their work in an exhibition setting, learning to consider all the aspects, limitations and needs of the given space to achieve the best final result.

WORK(IN)SPACE is held in SACI’s Maidoff Gallery and includes all phases of the exhibition, from the planning, to the installation and the opening of the solo show. Visitors are invited to attend the opening of the exhibitions, or visit during opening hours.

SACI's Maidoff Gallery Via Sant'Egidio 14 Gallery Hours: M-F 9-7pm / S-S 1-7pm

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