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WORK(IN)SPACE 2021: "This is This" by Arais Meteyard

WORK(IN)SPACE: This is This, a project by SACI MFA in Studio Art candidate Arais Meteyard, is on view March 15-21 at The Warehouse in Lexington, Kentucky.

On View: March 15-21, 2021
Gallery hours by appointment only.
Reception: Friday, March 19, 4-6:30pm EST

The Warehouse
110 Luigart Court
Lexington, Kentucky - USA

WORK(IN)SPACE 2021: "This is This"

In the exhibition, This is This, Arais Meteyard presents works of a non-directional narrative in the act of censorship. How can one define the self, their place, their history, when none of those are known within the massive reoccurring censorships from past to present? Impossible to say on a matter of principle. Impossible to say as a matter of philosophy. The variety of mediums in the exhibition are used to create different portrayals in storytelling and an array of entry points into the routine of censorship. The space contains this as this: animations, paintings, book arts, and ink drawings each dealing with further modes of censorship; religious persecution, consumption of technology, biological, acts in the past and present, and gaps in identity and consciousness — the naming of names.

The title, This is This, can be somewhat chancy. The truer meaning is in removing the passivity of thought, and allowing the viewer freedom to forsake mental tolerance of accepting the narratives presented to them. The other side of This is This, is in the direct connotation of the title, -this-is-this-. How throughout history, and dealing heavily in the present day, there is constant manipulation of information and censorship with the aim of trying to control the mass’s thoughts. How those that wish to control our very thoughts, the supposed only aspect of our lives that we truly have freedom in, wants to present us an array of information claiming precisely that -this-is-this-. That we must take the information presented at face value, destroying any ability of our critical thinking and common sense. Art has always been a revolt in times of mass constraint and domination, and our thoughts are the last refuge we have within ourselves. This is This, does not want to take that last freedom. 

Arais Meteyard

Raised in a family of the arts, Arais Meteyard’s environment comprised the works of her grandfather Ralph Eugene Meatyard, poems by her mother, master printing practices of her father, children’s illustrations of her uncle, and the paintings of an unfamiliar relative who succeeded in London. She left home to study the ancient art of the Mayan’s in the Yucatan Peninsula, the modern to generational practices twice in Tokyo and Kochi Japan, and now the historically prominent world of Florence, Italy. Arais Meteyard received a BA in Studio Art from the University of Kentucky, and is currently receiving her MFA in Studio Art at SACI College of Art and Design.



WORK(IN)SPACE is a series of exhibition projects by SACI 2nd-Year MFA in Studio Art candidates, as part of the Professional Practicum Seminar. Students work to critically engage with the challenges offered by preparing an exhibition. Each week, a new opening presents a coherent body of work of the artists. Working one-on-one with SACI Instructors Daria Filardo and Pietro Gaglianò, students step outside of their studio environment to rethink their work in an exhibition setting, learning to consider all the aspects, limitations, and needs of the given space to achieve the best final result.

WORK(IN)SPACE includes all phases of the exhibition, from the planning to the installation and opening of the show. 

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