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WORK(IN)SPACE 2020: "Jardín de mujeres" by Lucia Simental

Lucia Simental, Women at the Table

WORK(IN)SPACE: "Jardín de Mujeres," an exhibition of new works by SACI MFA in Studio Art candidate Lucia Simental, opens Thursday, February 6th in SACI's Maidoff Gallery.

SACI's Maidoff Gallery  
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 6th at 6pm
On View: February 6 - 9, 2020

WORK(IN)SPACE 2020: "Jardín de Mujeres"

Nature and in particular flowers represent the fragility of beauty and the ability to flourish under adversity. I admire how complicated and beautiful flowers are, along with their strength and the patterns that they create in the wilderness. I am also interested in women’s bodies, using both the female and floral forms as vessels made of clay in my work.

This allows me as an artist to engage in the on-going debate of the evolution of the matriarchy in society, exploring the physio-psychological diversity of women through the allegory of plant morphology.  These ceramic pieces are abstractions of botany that express the intricacy and splendor of the female experience, by creating forms that communicate the universal adversities women endure and actively carry through life. The resiliency of women is examined in parallel of the chaotic violence in nature itself: the cycle of abuse and neglect leading to rebirth and regrowth. This resulting trauma is the spark that ignites evolutionary change. I choose to highlight the beauty hidden in chaos by illuminating the whimsical and repetitive forms of growth in the medium of clay.

- Lucia Simental

Lucia Simental (El Paso, Texas, 1994) is a Mexican American ceramic sculptor who works with hand building and wheel throwing. She has a BFA in Ceramics with a minor in Art History from The New Hampshire Institute of Art, Manchester. She has taken part in several workshops and seminars focused on experimenting ceramics techniques: Dankook University (Korea, 2019), NCECA National Council on Education for the Ceramics Arts (Pittsburgh, 2018, Portland, 2017). She is currently living in Florence, Italy, completing her MFA in Studio Art at SACI with a concentration in Ceramics, with the goal of becoming a ceramics educator / ceramic artist.


WORK(IN)SPACE is a series of exhibition projects by SACI 2nd-Year MFA in Studio Art candidates, as part of the Professional Practicum Seminar. Students work directly in SACI's Maidoff Gallery to critically engage with the challenges offered by preparing an exhibition. Each week, a new opening presents a coherent body of work of the artists. Working one-on-one with SACI Instructors Daria Filardo and Pietro Gaglianò, students step outside of their studio environment to rethink their work in an exhibition setting, learning to consider all the aspects, limitations, and needs of the given space to achieve the best final result.

WORK(IN)SPACE is held in SACI’s Maidoff Gallery and includes all phases of the exhibition, from the planning to the installation and opening of the show. 

SACI's Maidoff Gallery Via Sant'Egidio 14 Gallery Hours: M-F 9 - 7pm / S-S 1 - 7pm

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Photos: Diego De Franchis

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