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WORK(IN)SPACE 2020: "B.R.U.H." by Tatjana Lightbourn

Tatjana Lightbourn, Learning BRUH

WORK(IN)SPACE: "B.R.U.H.," an exhibition of new works by SACI MFA in Studio Art candidate Tatjana Lightbourn, opens Wednesday, February 12th in SACI's Maidoff Gallery.

SACI's Maidoff Gallery  
Opening Reception: Wednesday, February 12th at 7pm
On View: February 12 - 16, 2020

WORK(IN)SPACE 2020: "B.R.U.H."

B.R.U.H. is a culmination of reflections on personal and collective identity that seeks to expand the vantage points, frameworks, and preconceptions in viewing people of African descent. The works are strongly influenced by LWB in the United States and Italy. Blending and bending various vernaculars from Afro-Descendent people, a carefully extracted language emerges, which through text, multimedia installation, and performative actions poetically transforms the black body and its relationship to the world.

- Tatjana Lightbourn

Tatjana Lightbourn is an A.American artist that uses multimedia and performance installations to explore various dimensions of perception. She confronts the way the black body is seen in the world through seeking and questioning a place for her own body. Her work forms narratives, interprets humanity, and fosters the viscerally evocative experience. She places an emphasis on the transformation of tangible realities that eradicate and evade didactic frameworks. Through Tatjana's work, emotions associated with race, identity, mental health, and gender are rendered into tangible/intangible illusions. The work she creates uses historical, contemporary, as well as futuristic fictional elements. The past two years while studying at the Studio Arts College International, Tatjana has expanded her research focus towards site specificity and performative installation. She has combined the vantage of the black body through these multiple lenses and brings both awareness and responsibility to the viewer and the body being viewed.


WORK(IN)SPACE is a series of exhibition projects by SACI 2nd-Year MFA in Studio Art candidates, as part of the Professional Practicum Seminar. Students work directly in SACI's Maidoff Gallery to critically engage with the challenges offered by preparing an exhibition. Each week, a new opening presents a coherent body of work of the artists. Working one-on-one with SACI Instructors Daria Filardo and Pietro Gaglianò, students step outside of their studio environment to rethink their work in an exhibition setting, learning to consider all the aspects, limitations, and needs of the given space to achieve the best final result.

WORK(IN)SPACE is held in SACI’s Maidoff Gallery and includes all phases of the exhibition, from the planning to the installation and opening of the show. 

SACI's Maidoff Gallery Via Sant'Egidio 14 Gallery Hours: M-F 9 - 7pm / S-S 1 - 7pm

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Photos: Diego De Franchis

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