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Without Limits: Students Integrate Protective Wearable Technologies and Fashion in Collaboration with Dainese’s D-Air Lab

In the Without Limits course, SACI students develop designs integrating fashion, branding, and protective, wearable technologies in collaboration with Dainese’s D-Air Lab

Students in the Without Limits course at SACI – a unique, interdisciplinary design course in collaboration with Dainese's D-Air Lab – worked to create and prototype designs for integrating protective, wearable clothing originally developed for MotoGP motorcycle racing into fashion for the elderly population.

In the beginning of Spring 2019 Term, students began the collaboration with a visit to Dainese Headquarters and Dainese Museum in Vicenza, Italy, where they learned about the 45-year history of innovation at Dainese, toured their Experience Center, and visited the D-Air Lab with CEO Vittorio Cafaggi. There they viewed and learned about intelligent clothing coupled with protection technology, which use a smart sensing system to detect dangerous situations.

Led by SACI instructors, Fashion Designer Jessica Hayoz and Graphic Designer Camilla Torna, in collaboration with renowned artist/fashion/tech designer from MICA, Annet Couwenberg, the group then tested the airbag development process through anatomical studies and an analysis of the changing behavior of the human body in relation to design solutions. After gathering thorough data to identify and understand the subject of their designs, student designers synthesized their observations to establish a human-centered problem statement and approach, which led to their prototype creations. These creations were presented to D-Air Lab in the final review of their course.

During the process of making their airbag prototypes, students also confronted the question of how to camouflage the airbag and make them removable. Once the designs were finished, the group also developed detailed branding proposals for the project, creating campaigns for both a Women’s and a Men’s Classic Daywear Collection.

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