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Why Study Abroad?

Benefits of Studying Abroad in Italy

Is study abroad worth it? Absolutely! By encouraging adaptability and creativity and an understanding of different languages and cultures, study abroad programs help students grow and thrive in academic, professional, and personal environments. SACI undergraduate and graduate study abroad students have gone on to pursue successful careers in art & design in an international setting, citing their time at SACI in Florence as an important catalyst towards their achievements in the arts.

Academic Benefits Of SACI’s Study Abroad Programs

The academic benefits of studying abroad are endless. A unique, challenging, and enriching experience, studying in Florence, Italy fosters creative thought and exploration through hands-on learning and cross-cultural collaboration. Our students are independent, curious, and driven, and leave SACI with an insatiable appetite for learning and a knack for solving complex problems with creative solutions.

Through a wide range of graduate and undergraduate programs in studio arts, design, conservation, art history, and Italian language and culture, SACI’s study abroad program combines intensive study and practical experience. Students learn from deeply committed faculty who are both dedicated mentors and active professionals in the art world.

Through travel and experiential learning, SACI study abroad students gain maximum exposure to Italian art and culture. The world becomes your classroom as learning extends into renowned museums, cathedrals, and institutions during SACI field trips in Florence and throughout Italy. 

Career Benefits Of SACI’s Study Abroad Programs

Studying abroad at SACI helps your future career in countless ways. Undergraduate and graduate study abroad programs at SACI foster adaptable and creative students, encouraging them to navigate complex situations with open minds. These skills are must-haves in any professional setting, and help students become both self-starters and outstanding team players.

At SACI, Interdisciplinary Collaborations and client-based projects are essential to the SACI Experience. These projects help shape our students into skilled professionals by giving them the opportunity to work directly with renowned museums and institutions in Florence including the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum, Galleria dell’Accademia, the Bargello Museum, the Museum of Natural History La Specola, and many more. Propelling an already life-changing opportunity to new heights, these initiatives breaking down boundaries between art, design, fashion, anthropology, science, and history to develop independent and innovative artists with an unmatched knowledge and awareness of contemporary and historical culture in a rapidly changing world. By learning how to solving complex situations and collaborate across fields, cultures, and languages in a professional environment, study abroad students cultivate sought-after skills for any workplace.

Cultural And Personal Benefits Of SACI’s Study Abroad Programs

Everyday life in Italy is full of unique twists and turns, sudden moments of inspiration, and memorable experiences. Many elements of Italian culture differ from the home countries of our study abroad students – from food, music, and language to architecture, fashion, and social norms – and offer exciting insight into different ways of life.

The personal benefits of studying abroad in Florence are undeniable. Through direct integration into Italian life, students experience a new language and culture and reflect upon their own. With SACI as a home base from which to branch out and explore, study abroad students cultivate a sense of empathy, awareness, curiosity, and understanding for other cultures along with a fierce independence.

Most importantly, the study abroad program pushes you to grow more than you ever thought possible – to become the best and most confident you as you uncover a new world and rediscover your own. And what better place to do so than in the birthplace of the Renaissance that has inspired so many artists, writers, scholars, and travelers throughout the centuries?

Take the next steps towards your study abroad experience. Apply today and begin your journey to SACI!

Hear from our alumni about their experiences at SACI:

"Currently I am the Head of the Art Department in China at Pegasus California School. Previously I was a professor at Laguna College of Art and Design, Santa Ana College, Coastline Community College, and I owe much of my success to my experience at SACI. Widening my perspective and transforming my mental image of the world, SACI really changed my life." J.L

“My time at SACI Florence gave me a compass with which to begin to connect the dots of my contemporary cultural experience within the greater map of Art History. My work is so much the richer for it, and my semester there finds its way into my studio every day.” J.R.

"The knowledge I gained at SACI helped me get through a difficult life change event. It taught me a lot about myself. It was a wonderful opportunity to be in a great art filled city and it was a memorable part of my life. Thank you to those who gave me this chance." J.B.

"Amazing faculty, outstanding sculpture and jewelry facilities, and unforgettable memories. The knowledge I gained is irreplaceable. Thank you SACI for enriching the rest of my journeys ahead as a future art educator! " S.E.

"In addition to working with us in the studio, my instructors at SACI also went to great lengths to expose students to Italy’s contemporary and historical arts by taking us on trips: gallery visits, conventions, local artist studio visits, trips to museums and churches, etc." K.H.

"The experiences I had in and through SACI were more than those you get in a school: it was my honeymoon as an art student. My teachers, my classmates, the buildings I studied in, were more like an extended family and home. I simply loved it." A.U.

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