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Tuition & Fees FAQ

What is the General Program Deposit?

The General Program Deposit ($500 Fall or Spring, $400 Summer terms) serves as a deposit to secure a place in the program of your choice. It is refundable only after program participation, if no housing damages, library charges, or other expenses are incurred. For students staying more than one term, the General Program Deposit will be carried over to the next term.
(A $1000 deposit is required for all SACI graduate certificate and degree programs. $500 is applied as the General Program Deposit, and $500 towards program tuition as a non-refundable tuition deposit. Second year MFA students do not need to repay the deposit.)

What Does Tuition Include?

  • Fully accredited, US university-level courses (12-15 credits for Fall or Spring terms depending on the program, 12 credits for Full Summer terms, and 6 credits for Summer I, Summer II, and Summer Venice terms).
  • Classroom materials fees for all studio classes except for Batik, Jewelry Design, Serigraphy, and Weaving, which are paid in euros directly to the studios. (See below: Are There Additional Fees to Be Paid Once in Italy?)
  • All required class field trips and museum entrances. Cities regularly visited by art history, studio art, or design classes include Fiesole, Pisa, Lucca, Siena, San Gimignano, San Sepolcro, Ravenna, Rome, Arezzo, Urbino, Carrara, Milan, Bologna, Venice, and Naples.

In addition to the above, tuition for SACI Graduate Programs includes:

  • 7-day per week access for studio art majors to graduate studios.
  • 7-day per week access for MA in Art History students to a study space near the SACI Worthington Library in SACI's main building.
  • Special Graduate Seminar field trips to exhibitions, galleries, museums, and contemporary art fairs, and visits with curators or to studios of practicing artists, including, for MFA and MA students, an annual trip to a major city outside of Italy.

What Does the Activity Fee Include?

  • A full orientation program which includes a welcome party, tours of SACI’s facilities, nearby stores and markets, and major art sites.
  • Guest lectures.
  • Weekly evening open-life drawing sessions.
  • Italian Film nights (Fall, Spring, and Summer I terms).
  • Gallery exhibitions and student exhibitions.
  • “Survival Italian” classes with native-speaking Italian instructors (Fall and Spring terms).
  • Participation in weekend field trips (Summer I, Summer II, Summer Venice, and Full Summer programs).
  • Farewell party.

What Does the Student Services Fee Include?

  • Pre-departure advising by SACI staff in US and Italy.
  • 7-day per week access to SACI.
  • 24-hour emergency phone service and trained health and security staff on campus at all times when SACI is open.
  • Assistance with medical and other personal needs.
  • Assistance with health insurance and police registration.
  • Internet access in SACI’s educational facilities and gardens (WiFi).
  • Free black and white printing from student computers.
  • Library services – use of the SACI Worthington Library, containing over 13,000 volumes, 32,000 images, 50+ periodical subscriptions, numerous videos and DVDs, and library computer access.

What Does the Housing Fee Include?

SACI Apartments in Florence

  • Fully furnished and equipped apartments with kitchens, living rooms, and double or single bedrooms within walking distance to SACI in the historic center of Florence.  A reasonable use of utilities.
  • Full-time housing staff available to assist students with housing emergencies and repairs.
  • Internet access (WiFi).
  • Washing machines and linens (except towels).

SACI Housing in Venice

  • Double or single rooms (sheets & towels provided) with bathrooms and kitchenettes in a university residence in the center of Venice. Utilities included.
  • Communal areas (sitting rooms, a fitness room, study rooms, entertainment rooms, bar/cafeteria, and terrace).
  • Internet access (WiFi).
  • Weekly cleaning and change of linens.
  • Self-service laundry, vending machines.  

Homestays in Florence (Fall and Spring)

  • Double or single rooms (sheets & towels provided) and a shared bathroom in an Italian host family’s home in the historic center or in the outskirts of Florence. A reasonable use of utilities.
  • Continental breakfast 7 days a week. 5 dinners a week.
  • Internet access (WiFi).
  • Weekly cleaning and change of linens by host family.

SACI housing is not provided between terms. Academic Year, Post-Bac, MFA, and MA students staying in Italy over the Christmas break between Fall and Spring terms can remain in SACI apartments for an additional fee of $400. Students in Homestays must vacate their rooms during the holidays (personal items can be kept in the SACI basement between terms). Students staying between Spring and Summer I terms may reserve SACI housing between terms for an additional fee of $600. There is no additional fee for students enrolled in the Full Summer Florence + Venice program who wish to remain in SACI Florence housing until the Venice term starts.

Are There Additional Fees to Be Paid Once in Italy?

Upon students' arrival in Italy, additional fees may include:

  • Visitor’s Permit of Stay fees (Fall and Spring terms only). U.S. and non-European students are required to apply for a Visitor’s Permit of Stay and pay a fee of €118 to the Italian authorities. Note: This fee is not required in Spring 2021 for undergraduate study abroad students as the term is exceptionally less than 90 days.
  • A Field Trip Deposit of €50. This deposit is refunded in Florence at the end of the term unless a student fails, without an excused absence, to participate in a field trip for which he or she has signed up. (All terms)
  • Additional Housing Fees. Students staying in SACI housing between terms will be charged additional fees. Please refer to “What Does the Housing Fee Include” above.
  • Materials fees for the following courses: Batik (€120), Jewelry Design (€150), Serigraphy (€150), Weaving (€80). Materials fees for all other studio courses are included in tuition. Students must bring or purchase in Florence their own personal art supplies such as paper, paint, pencils, brushes, canvas, film, sketchbooks, etc. (See Required Texts and Materials in the Admitted Students section of MySACI.)
  • Photocopy card (25 copies for €1.50). Photocopies made at SACI require this photocopy card. Printing in black and white from student computers is free of charge.

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