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"I teach the way I would have liked to have been taught." –Tiziano Lucchesi

An expert in fresco painting and experienced in a wide range of painting techniques, Tiziano Lucchesi has painted over 100 murals in myriad settings—from medieval monasteries to town halls.

Tiziano Lucchesi teaches Fresco Painting at SACI. He also teaches in Florence at the Accademia Riaci, International Studies Institute, Accademia d’Arte Ad’A, and the Istituto per l’Arte e il Restauro, Palazzo Spinelli.

Using both buon fresco and secco fresco techniques, he has painted murals since 1995 in historical settings, including a medieval monastery, a town hall, the facades of buildings in historic centers, and the interiors of numerous villas, hotels, and cafes.

He has participated in the restoration of important artworks such as an early sixteenth-century wall painting by Rodolfo del Ghirlandaio in the Church of San Miniato al Montanino in Incisa Val d’Arno. His expertise and experience in painting techniques range from ancient to contemporary, and he has participated in numerous exhibitions and public events. A catalog of his works was published in 2008 for Speziali, a solo exhibition at the Casello di Lari (Pisa). Most recently, Tiziano's work is included in the 2019 Pro Biennale, a prestigious exhibition conceived and curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, happening at the Spoleto Pavilion in Venice in the context of the 2019 Venice Biennial. In July 2019, Tiziano published a book entitled The Fresco Painting Technique, which was printed by Angelo Pontecorboli Editore and financed by SACI and ISI. 

Tiziano Lucchesi has a Laurea cum laude in Scenography from the Academia di Belle Arti di Firenze. His thesis was on the restoration of frescoes.

Teaching Philosophy
When I was a child, I often dreamed of being able to paint my way through life—that is, to make it my life work. With extreme passion, I followed every art class from kindergarten to my graduation from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. I am fortunate to say that I have been teaching art for over fifteen years, reliving my passion through my students.

I enthusiastically interact with my students by implementing a teaching method that is the result of my own experiences as a student and an artist. I teach the way I would have liked to have been taught. My students learn the best pictorial techniques through the study of media, binders, and colors. Ancient methodologies, still in use today, which have been passed down to us through precious manuscripts and have evolved over time, can be best understood if accompanied by hands-on practice.

"I teach the way I would have liked to have been taught." –Tiziano Lucchesi


The Fresco Painting Technique
Tiziano Lucchesi
Cover of The Fresco Painting Technique by Tiziano Lucchesi

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