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Terry Dwan, Designer and SACI Board Member, Presents at Woman Who Matters Forum in Moscow

Designer and SACI Board Member Terry Dwan presents at Woman Who Matters forum in Moscow on November 15–16, 2018.

Terry Dwan, designer and member of the SACI Board of Trustees, will present at the upcoming Woman Who Matters forum in Moscow, Russia. The forum will be held from November 15–16, 2018.

The Woman Who Matters forum brings together representatives of international professional associations and public organizations and the leading experts in the field of women to share their experiences and discuss ways of solving current problems. Presentations, roundtables, and discussions are all included in the forum's framework.

This year's forum spans a variety of fields. As one of the keynotes speakers in the area of Block Architecture, Urban Planning, and Design, Terry Dwan will present her architecture and design work from dwanstudio. The presentations in this category will address the following questions:

  • How can a beautiful interior changes a person's life?
  • Why is luxury real estate sold with ready-made furnishing?
  • Why do people buy interior objects for the price of a race car?
  • What will cities of the future look like?
  • Why are palace classics in fashion again?
  • Biomorphic in architecture: arts or factionalism?

The goal of the forum is to provide coverage of women-oriented companies' projects - created for women and with women's participation - as well as the increased attention to women’s contribution to various spheres of life and the popularization of the experiences of women who have achieved success in various fields.

Participants include successful and famous women; psychologists and experts in the field of health and beauty, fashion and style; men who implement projects and activities in support of women; and leaders of public organizations and initiatives that strengthen the women's role in various industries.

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