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“Sunny Days”: SACI Alumna Caroline Rogers Exhibits Photographic Work Printed on Handmade Italian Paper

SACI alumna Caroline Rogers exhibits “Sunny Days,” a collection of hand-printed photographs on handmade paper, at Industrious in Boston, MA.

On view at Industrious in Boston, MA, from July 11th – September 30th, “Sunny Days,” an exhibition by Caroline Rogers, SACI alumna Spring and Late Spring 2009, presents a collection of photographs celebrating little moments of sunshine. The images, printed by hand on hand-made Italian paper purchased in Florence, use a printing technique with which Caroline first experimented while at SACI. The photos, printed on soft tissue paper, celebrate sunlight, making the light and airy material a fitting choice for the images' content. The photographs were also hand-framed specifically to allow light to shine through the semi-transparent paper and further emphasize this important element of the collection.

Caroline’s work was influenced by her time at SACI and in Florence, and she sites her photography course as a great source of inspiration:

After an unforgettable spring semester abroad at SACI, I decided to extend my stay to work on a portrait photography project that involved the use of handmade Italian paper. I owe much of the success of my photography to the creative inspiration, technical teachings and encouragement of my professor during that time: Romeo Di Loreto.

- Caroline Rogers

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