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Summer Programs at SACI in Florence and Venice

SACI’s summer programs offer the chance to study in Florence or Venice during some of Italy’s most beautiful months. Join us in Florence, Venice, or both for once-in-a-lifetime experiences in renowned artistic and cultural hubs of Europe.

Love Florence? Join our Summer I, Summer II, or Full Summer: Florence program to experience the Renaissance City while taking part in a wide range of study and cultural opportunities that will elevate your art and enrich your life.

Dream of exploring Venice? Pursue contemporary art and digital photography in our Summer Venice program while experiencing one of the world’s most prestigious contemporary art events – the Venice Biennale.

Can’t decide between the two? Study with us for an entire summer in our Full Summer: Florence + Venice program for the opportunity to experience both Florence and Venice.

Which Program is Right for You?

Summer I in Florence

5 weeks, 6 credits

Our Summer I term in Florence runs for 5 weeks from the end of May through June. Students take two courses for a total of 6 credits.

Summer II in Florence

4 weeks, 6 credits

Our Summer II term in Florence runs for 4 weeks from the end of June through July. Students take two courses for a total of 6 credits.

Summer Venice

4 weeks, 6 credits

Our Summer Venice program lets you to take part in one of the world’s most famous and prestigious contemporary art events—the Venice Biennale (the Art Biennale and the Architecture Biennale alternate every other year). Students remain in Venice for a total of 4 weeks while studying contemporary art and digital photography.

Full Summer Program: Florence

10 weeks, 12 credits

Extend your time in the Renaissance City and study with us for both June and July in the Full Summer Program: Florence. Students who study with us in this program remain in Florence for a total of 10 weeks. Many students choose to enroll in one of our Full Summer programs in order to earn twelve credits and take full advantage of their study abroad experience in Italy.

Full Summer Program: Florence + Venice

10 weeks, 12 credits

Study in both Florence and Venice in the Full Summer Program: Florence + Venice. Students in this program spend June in Florence and July in Venice for a total of 10 weeks in Italy. Many students choose to enroll in one of our Full Summer programs in order to earn twelve credits and take full advantage of their study abroad experience in Italy.

SACI in Florence

Summer programs at SACI in Florence welcome students enrolled in U.S. colleges and universities who are seeking accredited summer study, independent non-credit students, as well as students from institutions outside the U.S. who are interested in art, art history, art conservation, design, and Italian language.

SACI's facilities are located in the heart of Florence, just steps away from Michelangelo's Medici Chapel, Fra' Angelico's masterpieces in San Marco, the colorful central market, and Florence's Duomo.

Field Trips

Field trips to Pisa, Arezzo, Lucca, Siena, San Gimignano, and Fiesole are a regular part of the program and are open to all summer students. Art History course field trips visit all the major museums of Florence (including the Uffizi, the Accademia, the Bargello, and the Pitti Palace) as well as masterpieces in the churches and monasteries in and around the city.

During the summer months, Florence also offers a remarkable range of cultural and popular events and activities. You can experience the famous Calcio in Costume, during which the different districts of the city compete in what is considered to be the ancestor of modern soccer. There are also regular outdoor evening film and music festivals, as well as the Estate Fiesolana, which includes concerts, film, and theater held in a Roman amphitheater in Fiesole.

Course Offerings

Summer students in Florence can select from the following courses:

Batik, Ceramics (not offered in Summer II), Conservation I, Drawing, Etching, Fresco Painting, Italian Language, Design Internship, Jewelry Design, Painting, Black & White Photography, Renaissance Art History Survey, Sculpture, Serigraphy, Visual Design

SACI in Venice

Venice is a city renowned for both its traditional art treasures and its celebration of innovative contemporary art. In the Summer Venice program, you’ll visit the city’s great museums and contemporary art exhibitions while learning the fundamentals of digital photography. Every other year, it’s also an unforgettable opportunity to experience the Venice Art Biennale.

Participants in SACI’s Summer Venice program earn three studio art credits in Digital Photography and three art history credits in Contemporary Art: Biennale and Beyond (Art Biennale years) or Contemporary Art in Historic Venice (non-Art Biennale years).

Field Trips and Hands-on Learning

Investigate worlds both old and new when you study abroad in Venice, Italy. On-Site Program Director Jacopo Santini will lead you on photo shoots and field trips throughout Venice to the island of Giudecca, the Venetian Ghetto, Lido, Sant'Elena, and the San Michele Cemetery. You will learn Photoshop, Camera Raw, and other editing programs. Our programs encourage you to combine an artist’s eye with your technical knowledge, and create photographic records about a city that has been “written on water.” The goal is to develop your personal vision, a consciousness of photography as a language, and to create portfolios of the highest quality.

The Venice Art Biennale

Founded in 1895, the Venice Art Biennale focuses on cutting-edge contemporary artistic practice and is at the forefront in the research and promotion of new artistic trends. Curator and theorist Marco Baravalle will guide you to exhibitions at the Biennale’s Central Pavilion, the Arsenale (dockyard), the Giardini (gardens), and the National Pavilions, as well as to other Biennale events, independent art galleries, and Venice museums and foundations. In addition to learning about the history of the Venice Biennale, you’ll learn about the social and economic impact of the exhibition on the city of Venice.

Housing and Accommodations for the Summer Venice Program

Participants are housed just 5 minutes by vaporetto from Piazza San Marco in attractive, fully-equipped, air-conditioned accommodations. Both single and double rooms are available, and each room has its own bathroom and kitchenette. There are also a number of communal areas (sitting rooms, a music room, a fitness room, and a terrace). The facilities are serviced with internet, self-service laundry, and vending machines. Sheets and towels are also provided.

Because of the intense nature of the program, students are required to stay in SACI housing in order to facilitate group sessions and travel.

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