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At SACI, you will choose from a variety of housing solutions in the city that represent the unique Florentine lifestyle. We help you feel comfortable and independent in your Florentine home as you integrate into the community and culture.

SACI Apartments

SACI apartments are fully furnished and allow you to live independently. The apartments differ in style, furnishings, and amenities. Although most have been recently renovated, each apartment is unique – some apartments are in buildings dating back to the Renaissance and others are only a few decades old. SACI apartments also meet health and safety standards and are covered by fire and third party liability insurance. In accordance with Italian law, all apartment contracts are duly registered with authorities and the names of occupants are filed each term with the local police.

Wifi is provided in all SACI apartments. Though the apartments do not have telephones, you can easily arrange for a private portable cellular phone rental if your budget allows.

Single and Double Occupancy

In SACI housing, you will choose to be housed in double rooms or single room.

The Double Occupancy, a shared room in a shared apartment, is the standard housing option covered by the SACI Housing fee. The Single Occupancy is a single room in a shared apartment, and carries an additional single supplemental housing fee. A limited number of single rooms available each term and are assigned based on the date the general program deposit is received.

Rules and Regulations

Please review these rules and regulations while preparing for your stay in SACI Housing.

  • You will receive your housing assignment upon your arrival in Florence. You may not access to your apartment prior to the official arrival date as posted on the fee and calendar sheet. If you arrive in Florence before that day, you must make other accommodation arrangements. There are no exceptions.
  • SACI housing is not provided between terms. Academic Year, Post-Bac, MFA, and MA students staying in Italy over the Christmas break between Fall and Spring terms can remain in SACI apartments for an additional fee of $400. Students staying between Spring and Summer I terms may reserve SACI housing between terms for an additional fee of $600. There is no additional fee for students enrolled in the Full Summer Florence + Venice program who wish to remain in SACI Florence housing until the Venice term starts.
  • All SACI apartments are non-smoking apartments.
  • Overnight guests are not allowed in SACI housing.
  • Pets are not allowed in SACI housing.

Important Housing Reminders

SACI's Housing Director has prepared some important Housing Reminders for you!

Independent Housing

Should you not wish to live in SACI Housing, you may also choose to find your housing independently.

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