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Student Support

At SACI, we offer Pre-departure, Orientation and Re-entry Support guide to outline the cultural and professional support for students during pre-departure orientation and re-entry services to maximize the global-minded study abroad experience.

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We pride ourselves on providing top quality education in the fields of art and design, language and culture alongside a powerful immersion into Italian life and history. We understand the importance of maximizing interplay and involvement within the culture visited, and forging professional, practical, and applicable skills which will empower our students throughout their lives. Preparing students for the experience they are yet to have with SACI, offering orientation and inspiration while they are with us, and supporting them upon re-entry and beyond are all part of what we do. Confidence and a global-mindedness are the natural result.

There is a complete student assistance staff at SACI who do an outstanding job. The staff includes a Dean who deals with all student problems, a Registrar, housing officers, and staff for all emergencies. SACI also has a 24-hour emergency phone system.

Through SACI's integration into Italian society, a full range of English-speaking medical doctors and consultants are available. SACI is also in direct contact with the security officers at the US Consulate in Florence.

Integration into Italian Society

SACI urges its student to partake in initiatives involving the Florentine community. See the Community Involvement section of this website for news on how SACI students have given back to the city that provides them with hospitality. Students have brought art into Italian hospitals and schools, and, through the SACI Conservation department, have completely restored the Chapel of Santa Maria degli Angiolini, damaged by the flood of 1966.

Meeting Place for University Students

Students have the opportunity to mix with other students from Italy and elsewhere by making use of the Casa della Creatività, a meeting point/study area/caffè for university students. On the premises, there is also an office run by the City Hall called Informagiovani, which keeps students up-to-date on the latest happenings and opportunities in Florence:

Vicolo Santa Maria Maggiore 1
Tel. 055 218310
Free Wi-Fi. Open: Monday-Friday, 6:00pm-midnight

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