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Local Police Registration

Upon your arrival at SACI, we work with you to complete the Local Police Registration, mandatory for all study abroad students.

Visitor’s Permit of Stay (Fall + Spring)

US and Non-European Students

Once in Florence, Fall and Spring Term students must be registered with the local authorities for a Permesso di Soggiorno (Visitor's Permit of Stay), a permit to legally stay in Italy. The Student Visa allows them to apply for a Visitor's Permit for study purposes. SACI will help all students with this procedure during orientation, when a government fee of 118 euros must be paid. Note: This Permit of Stay is not required in Spring 2021 for undergraduate study abroad students as the term is exceptionally less than 90 days.

The following documents are necessary in order to register with the Italian authorities in Florence:

  • The entire set of original documents, or at least the enrollment letter stamped by the Italian Consulate, which were submitted and returned when the request for a Student Visa was approved. Some Consulates return the whole set of documents while others return only the enrollment letter. (Do not leave this set of original documents at home. The Italian authorities need the original documents, not photocopies.)
  • The student's original passport, as well as a photocopy of the first page (with your picture) and the VISA page.
  • Proof of health insurance coverage for the entire length of your stay in Italy (see Health Insurance Regulations). A simple insurance card is not sufficient. You will need a proper letter including your name, description of coverage, and expiration date. (You can bring a copy of what you presented to the Italian Consulate when applying for your Student Visa.) 

Please note: SACI will assist students in all the police registration procedures, however if students fail to show up at the required appointments or fail to present the necessary papers, it will be the sole responsibility of the student to make sure he/she complies with the legal obligations and take the necessary steps to register with the police.

European Students

After three months stay in Italy, European students are required to register with the Florence's Municipal Registry Office (Anagrafe del Comune di Firenze). A SACI representative will accompany European students to this office, which is located in the City Hall in Palazzo Vecchio. Students are required to bring their passport and the E/111 form (the form that allows EU citizens to receive health care in another European country).

Declaration of Presence (Summer I, Summer II, Summer Venice, Full Summer Programs)

Once in Florence, Summer students will be asked to sign a document called the Dichiarazione di Presenza (Declaration of Presence). This document is required by the local authorities and is part of a simple procedure to notify them of your presence in Florence. SACI will assist you with the form and a SACI representative will accompany you to the appropriate office for identification.

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