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Health Insurance

Stay prepared during your time studying at SACI in Florence. We help you through the process of acquiring Italian Health Insurance.

The Italian government requires that all students with a student visa (Fall and Spring Semester, Academic Year, MFA, MA, and Post-Bac students) be covered by health insurance during their entire length of stay in Italy. You will be asked to provide proof of your insurance coverage when you apply for your visa pre-departure, and your Permit of Stay during Orientation.

It is required that you carry the minimum of 30,000 Euros, or $50,000, coverage with an insurance company that includes emergency medical and repatriation insurance in Italy and the Schengen region. If your current US insurance policy meets these requirements, you must bring with you to Italy proof of coverage, including your name, amounts of coverage, and valid dates (the expiration date is particularly important in proving that you are covered until the end of your stay in Italy).

If you are not able to provide proof that your insurance meets these requirements, or you do not have insurance, you may purchase a policy through Eduassistance, and they will provide you proof of insurance coverage within a couple of days of purchase. This policy, which provides emergency and repatriation coverage from your arrival date in Italy, meets the requirements of the Italian government and is also accepted by the Italian Consulates in the U.S. when applying for your visa. Please note that it is your responsibility to determine if Eduassistance insurance meets your personal needs regarding coverage and conditions. (Students attending for only Fall or Spring semesters would be covered by the 4-month option; MFA, Post-Bac, and Academic Year students by the 8-month option, and MA in Art History students by the 11-month option.)

In addition, we recommend you carry a basic medical insurance policy which covers you for basic medical care while in Florence. If your personal policy does not cover you for basic medical care while abroad, there are many companies that offer short term, inexpensive basic medical care policies to meet the needs of students studying abroad.

Although not required, students attending Summer I, Summer II, Summer Venice, and Full Summer programs may also be interested in purchasing health insurance.

Bring a copy of the insurance policy details with you to Florence (you can make a copy of what you presented to the Italian Consulate when applying for your Student Visa), and the SACI enrollment letter stamped by the Italian Consulate. They will be requested by the local police during the Permit of Stay application process.

SACI and iNext Insurance Policy

SACI has partnered with a health insurance company to provide students with the opportunity to enroll in the SACI & iNext insurance policy.

For students who do not have health insurance through their home school or a personal provider, Studio Arts College International highly recommends that students enroll in SACI’s iNext Insurance Policy prior to leaving the United States or Canada. Please note that students will not be eligible to participate in the program once they are overseas. This insurance policy is only available to students attending a US or Canadian Institution, whether an international or domestic student. Enrollment is not mandatory, but recommended.

Download the SACI and iNext Insurance Enrollment and Plan Detail Information

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