Student Life In the Community

Outside the Classroom: Florence, SACI, & You

As a SACI student, living and studying in the heart of Florence’s historic center, you will have myriad opportunities to connect to the Florentine community through class projects and volunteer work. 

From the Classroom to the Community

In your classes, you will visit the studios of artists and designers in Florence, create artworks for local hospitals and therapy centers, design posters for human rights agencies and slow food organizations, and restore archaeological artifacts and art treasures that are part of Italy’s rich cultural heritage.

You will meet regularly with Italian students for “language exchange” sessions.

You will be able to exhibit your artworks at local galleries and in major Florentine institutions such as the Museum of Anthropology and the Museum of Natural History. 

And you will have opportunities to engage with other SACI students in multidisciplinary projects at world-renowned museums, such as the Accademia and the Bargello, and with internationally-known organizations such as Ferragamo. 

As an advanced student, you will be able to earn credits by completing an internship at a design firm or museum in Florence.

Beyond the Classroom: Student Volunteer Opportunities

Connecting with the community is at the core of the SACI experience̶̶  ̶ both inside and outside of the classroom. SACI actively promotes volunteer opportunities and community service. Through voluntarism you will discover the “real” life of Florence and Florentines. And, in some instances, you will be able to improve your Italian language ability.

Through arrangements that SACI has reached with organizations in Florence, you will have a wide range of volunteer opportunities from which to choose.  You will be able to assist in the teaching of English at elementary schools, work at a children’s lending library, serve as an English-language museum guide, help at a human rights agency, assist with the installation of SACI Gallery exhibitions, or work on creative projects with healthcare providers and patients.  

In these and other ways, your experience will extend far beyond the classroom. You will meet people from all walks of life, and hopefully they will have as positive impact upon your life and you will have on theirs.

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