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The SACI Experience

Study abroad at SACI in Florence to discover new possibilities in life and art and make connections that will stay with you forever.

At SACI you will be in the heart of one of the most historic and influential artistic centers of the world—not as a tourist but as a resident. You’ll explore Florence and meet its people, including others from all over the world, and gain unforgettable experiences that will enrich your life and work. Surrounded by the great masterpieces of another age and a lively community of contemporary artists, studying at SACI is not only an opportunity to discover what came before you, but to be part of a vibrant culture that is overflowing with artistic life.  

Living in Florence

Our two Renaissance palazzi and most of our student residences are located in the historic center of Florence, the cultural center of the city. Fully-furnished housing, just steps from SACI, allows you to live independently and explore the local area on your own terms. SACI also provides all the cultural guidance and support resources you need to make your study abroad adventure a success. Learn more about living in Florence.

Getting Involved in the Community

At SACI, you learn about yourself by connecting to other people, making a positive difference in the lives of others while growing as an artist. Our students put their artistic talents to work in the community, helping to restore important historical spaces, teaching art to children in Italy, and much more. Learn more about community activities at SACI

The experiences I had in and through SACI were more than those you get in a school: it was my honeymoon as an art student. My teachers, my classmates, the buildings I studied in, were more like an extended family and home. I simply loved it.

– A.U.

Learn more about living in Florence with these helpful tips from SACI alumni.

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