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STUDENT BLOG: Field Trips, Classes, and Cultural Experiences

Images by Kaitlin Jensen

La vita italiana! With the Spring 2020 Term now in full swing, SACI Student Blogger Kaitlin Jensen looks back on her exciting first few weeks in Italy. 

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Field Trips, Classes, and Cultural Experiences

Good news, guys, I enjoyed my first plane ride! I guess that is a good place to start this blog, as my last one focused on my anxieties before travel. It was a nice trip, though I don’t think I processed being in another country until a week after I landed and moved into my apartment. I felt an odd sense of normality for the first few days, perhaps because of the tours during orientation or the fact that I was surrounded with other American students, but when the facts hit me it was an experience.

Living in another country for a while opens your eyes to cultural differences and practices and has you take note of the small things you do every day, but it’s definitely an experience I would suggest. The moments of realization and culture shock are worth it when you get to see things you had only ever seen in pictures or read about in books, experiencing it all with amazing friends. Though I am sure I have a lot more to experience and learn about Italy, what I’ve been able to do so far has been amazing. 

Now, it’s time for the talk about classes – after all, I came to Italy to learn – and I don’t think I will be disappointed with a single class. I have to admit I was a bit nervous about being a student who focuses more on books and historical portions of art here at SACI, which I thought was a school that focused primarily on studio arts. But the classes they offer for non-studio options are phenomenal. Contemporary Art Theory & Criticism has definitely gotten my attention so far, as well as my Italian Language class as the professors are so nice and bubbly. It honestly makes it easy to be excited about learning here, and makes going to class fun. 

Not to mention that I have already had my first class trip! I thought it would take some time, but my Body Archives class recently traveled to Bologna. I was able to make more friends in that class and attend an arts fair, which was so much fun! Gettng to see the different galleries and collections from Italy come together in such a large venue and show off what they have was amazing. Plus, my class had the chance to stop by MAMbo, Bologna’s Modern Art Museum, where we saw their temporary exhibition andAgainandAgainandAgainand, which I strongly suggest you see if you have the chance. It was phenomenal.

Well, that’s essentially been my first weeks here in the amazing country of Italy, not including details about food shopping, which has been a doozy but an experience I needed to have. I’m still excited to see what’s to come and what I’ll be able to learn in the upcoming weeks. Tomorrow, I’ll be off to the Medici Villas, so I’ll be sure to add that in my next update!

- Kaitlin Jensen

Kaitlin Jensen is an art history/art administration student from Marywood University.
She is studying at SACI in Florence during the Spring 2020 Term.


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