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Spring 2020: Virtual Catalogs & Exhibitions

End-of-Term Spring 2020 Digital Catalog - detail of cover

We are delighted to present virtual exhibition catalogs and presentations highlighting final works by SACI Spring 2020 Undergraduate, MFA, and Post-Bac students.

“As artists our role is to observe, articulate, express, and visualize this new and changing world and to help give shape and meaning to new narratives with a critical eye and mind.” – SACI President Steven Brittan⠀

Our Spring 2020 Term has come to a close, and this semester our remarkable undergraduate and graduate students did just that – making the most of their time in Florence and finishing up courses from home via distance learning with just as much rigor. They’ve continued to use art to reflect on these unprecedented times, and we are so proud of their creativity and enthusiasm. To celebrate their accomplishments this term, we have created expansive digital exhibition catalogs presenting final works from our classes and programs. 

Congratulations to our Spring 2020 students on the great work!

Spring 2020 - Virtual Exhibition Catalog

Each term, SACI students submit their best works for the SACI End-of-Term Exhibitions, held in our two palazzi in the heart of FlorencePalazzo dei Cartelloni and the Jules Maidoff Palazzo for the Visual Arts. This year, we've assembled a virtual catalog to present these works in place of the physical exhibitions. We are proud to present their impressive works in this extensive catalog, a collaboration between all studio courses and the Creative Writing class.

Participating courses:
FrescoArchitectural Drawing,
Interior DesignBook Arts,
Italian Fashion DesignGraphic Design,
Digital MultimediaBody Archives,
Installation and Performance Art,
VideoCreative Writing Workshop,
Jewelry Design, Batik, Serigraphy
Color Photography 

Video works:
A River Unseen, Foil, and Cut Short by SACI Video students 


SACI MFA Final Exhibition - Virtual Catalog

Though the 2020 SACI MFA Final Exhibition at Frittelli Arte Contemporanea Gallery in Florence could not be held as scheduled, we are proud to bring you MMXX - The Year of Change, an expanded virtual exhibition catalog presenting thesis works by the 2020 graduates of the MFA in Studio Art, Photography, and Communication Design programs at SACI.

Complete with opening texts by SACI President Steven Brittan and the MFA program directors - Camilla Torna, Kirsten Stromberg, Romeo Di Loreto, and Jacopo Santini - critical texts by established artists and designers who have acted as mentors to these graduates, and extensive interviews of the MFA graduates conducted by students in the MA in Art History program, this striking catalog delves into the research and bodies of work developed throughout these two-year MFA programs at SACI in Florence.

2020 MFA Graduates: 

MFA in Communication Design: Neha Bharadwaj⠀
MFA in Photography: Kelli M. Perletti⠀
MFA in Studio Art: Averi Biswas, Tatjana Lightbourn, Iris Richardson, Lucia Simental, Wayne Stoner


MFA 1st-Year - Virtual Exhibition Catalog

Due to COVID-19, our MFA 1st-year students were unable to install their group exhibition in Florence in March. In place of this in-person exhibition representing the completion of their first year at SACI, our 1st-year MFA in Studio Art, Photography, and Communication Design students have put together a virtual exhibition in the form of a catalog. During this time, they took what could have been a disheartening loss of their studios and re-focused their artistic research into their homes under quarantine. What could have been a closure became an opening. It is this spirit that is fundamental for artists, photographers, and designers and their creative practice today.

Video works: The Dinner and S O S by Joe Cimino


Post-Bac in Studio Art - Virtual Exhibition Catalog

In a virtual version of their final exhibition, SACI 2019-20 students from the Post-Bac in Studio Art program present Imputation, works by Nara Seymour, Laura Silverman, Ginnia Araujo, Linu Del Deo, McKinley Streett, and Lyla Zimmerman. Edited by program director Justin Randolph Thompson and designed by the Peyote Collective, with critical texts from MFA in Studio Art graduate Tatjana Lightbourn, the catalog presents works the SACI Post-Bac students have developed during their year at SACI in Florence. 


Post-Bac in Conservation - Virtual Exhibition

In place of an in-person exhibit, the students of the Post-Bac in Art Conservation 2019-2020 program are pleased to present the 'End-of-Year Virtual Exhibit,' featuring a diverse collection of works they had the privilege to work on in Florence, Italy, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the 2019-2020 academic year, our students researched their thesis topics using resources and historic sites throughout Florence and the surrounding area. Led by program director Dr. Roberta Lapucci and conservation instructors Leonardo BorgioliDaniela Murphy CorellaNenad JovanovicPhilip Kron MorelliNora Marosi, and Alice Parri, they gained hands-on experience restoring easel and mural paintings, frames, polychrome wooden artworks, prints, and archaeological artifacts that are part of Italy’s rich cultural heritage - working on site and with leading experts to explore these topics of cultural and historical importance.

The public will be able to view the exhibition video through June 15th.

We would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to all the officers of the Superintendence and the institutions that have provided their support and given authorization for the publication of images. A special thank you to Friends of Florence for their generous support to SACI’s Archaeological Conservation Department.



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