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From Sol LeWitt’s Studio to the SACI New York Gallery

The SACI New York Gallery presents Variations and Compositions: A response to Sol LeWitt’s Studio 3.15.10 – 6.1.19, an exhibition by Irene Barberis.

Opening August 15, 2019, SACI is delighted to present an end-of-summer, week-long exhibition to celebrate new work by artist Irene Barberis, who recently completed a residency working in Sol LeWitt’s studio.

Irene Barberis, an Australian/British artist and member of the SACI Artists & Designers Council, met Sol LeWitt in 1974, with whom she remained friends for over 30 years. She is the first artist to have the privilege to make work in Sol LeWitt’s studio in Chester and has produced new bodies of work responding to the space, his studio processes, and his influence on her practice. The works shown in this exhibition are from this residency period and are a prelude to major works constructed in Australia.

“Often perceived as ‘composer,’ LeWitt worked every day in his Chester studio; immersed daily in his space, I have responded to this idea in two series of works. Variations and Compositions. Variations react in a painterly manner, to the studio publication copy of the 1974 ‘Incomplete Open Cubes.’ Compositions: intervals, are a series of colour dialogues with the 13 classical music tapes he left in his studio.” - Irene Barberis, 2019

Opening Reception: August 15, 2019
On View: August 15 – 22, 2019

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Variations and Compositions: A response to Sol LeWitt's Studio 3.15.19 - 6.1.19

The SACI New York Gallery is proud to showcase a new contemporary exhibition by artist Irene Barberis! Barberis is showcasing her work that has been greatly inspired by world-renowned artist Sol LeWitt. Known as a founder of Minimal and Conceptual art, Sol LeWitt was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1928, and went on to complete his BFA at Syracuse University in 1949. Much of his work was influenced by his time spent working at the Museum of Modern Art in New York early on in his career. Beginning in the 1960’s, LeWitt’s paintings and works on paper became measured, precise, and mathematically-based, with his works focusing on the themes of time and movement. Beginning with linear, geometric forms, he graduated into creating more organic shapes and circles, and later, to three-dimensional cubes. He also worked with the vibrant colors of the rainbow in inks and acrylics. LeWitt spent the rest of his life in New York, where his studio is still preserved to this day.

Since the mid-1970’s, Irene Barberis has been creating fine art, and has been successfully exhibiting around the world since the 1980’s. Shortly after, LeWitt became her mentor and close friend until his death in 2007. Barberis had the opportunity to work in his studio for three months in the beginning of 2019, responding to the space and the environment around her forming the abstract works shown in this exhibition. She created multiple works on engineering film in a variety of colors. In the works, she plays with similar themes to those of LeWitt, and pays homage to his work by using pastel versions of his colors in inks and tempera paints.

- SACI New York Gallery Manager, Brianna Hayes


Learn more about Irene's work on her website.

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