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"Sensorily Present," Selected Works by SACI 1st-Year MFA in Studio Art Students

Sensorily Present

First-year SACI MFA in Studio Art students exhibit selected works in "SENSORILY PRESENT," on view in SACI's Maidoff Gallery.

SACI 1st-year MFA in Studio Art students Averi Biswas, Tatjana Lightbourn, Anna Michelis, Iris Richardson, Lucia Simental, and Wayne Stoner present a selection of their works.

SACI's Maidoff Gallery - Via Sant'Egidio 14
OPENING: March 28 at 6pm
ON VIEW: March 28 - April 2nd

Sensorily Present is a group show by the first-year SACI MFA in Studio Art students. The exhibition puts together bodies of work that have been cultivated throughout the past seven months. Despite the difference in themes and aesthetics that the artists have developed in their research, the works share some common qualities. They have a delicate, but unavoidable, presence, they have a strong tactile quality, and they tell stories through both a performative and a objectual existence. The narration of the different works creates a coherent space where we can experience the active creative life that has been lived in their studios. 

Averi Biswas presents a series of paintings that reflects on memory after life goes away. Inspired by monumental tombs the artists evokes a nocturnal atmosphere where we can immerse ourselves and reflect on the significance of building memories after death and keeping them alive through permanent monuments, but also through perishable elements like flowers.

Tatjana Lightbourn is a performance and installation artist who uses her body and voice to deepen both historical and personal conditions of injustice and sufferance. Her performance for this exhibition is called "Home of Light," which the artist explains by quoting Toni Morrison: "There is really nothing more to say - except why. But since why is difficult to handle, one must take refuge in how." 

Anna Michelis works primarily with etching and ceramics. Through symbolism, Anna aims to draw parallels between things, placing emphasis on their connection. Natural forms are intertwined with symbolic meanings and live in a delicate and precious field. Her etchings, along with her ceramic decorated frames, explore the very relationship between these two elements. The significance of Empress tarot card is weaved throughout Anna’s body of work as a result of her keen interest in the occult and mysticism. Venus as Eros, the connecting force.

Iris Richardson presents a photographic series as part of her holistic exploration in art. The photos look deep into garlic skin as a delicate surface that bears traces, lines, and textures showing a microcosm and, at the same time, transcending it into an aesthetic, abstracted dimension.

Lucia Simental works with ceramics and created "Women at the Table," a ceramic table set that is a representation of society and how women are viewed. The traditional function of each element of the set is negated by the blooming flowers and single petals covering the plates and cups, each thing becoming a barrier to its proper use. Each petal sprouts in a different way to show women's uniqueness, ultimately emphasizing each platter, piece of silverware, and cup as an individual.

Wayne Stoner is an artist who works with several mediums. For this exhibition, he presents a series of paintings that work from imagery connected to memory, experiences, and dreams to kickstart an intuitive process that works from general to specific, refining by adding and subtracting. He aims for an ambiguous outcome that the viewer must complete.

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