Scripta Festival: May 17-20, 2017 in Florence with initiatives by SACI Faculty

The Scripta Festival in Florence is four days of initiatives with authors, books, ideas, and discussions about the criticism of contemporary art, all enriched with music, video, and performances. The Scripta Festival was begun in 2011 by Pietro GaglianòCurator as well as SACI instructor of Installation and Performance Art and Professional Practicum MFA Graduate Seminar. Initiated at the Libreria Brac, the festival also involves new locations this year: l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, the Museo Marini, the Santarosa Bistrot, and Libreria Todo Modo.

On May 18 at 9pm at the Museo Marini, the book and video, Rumors, by Marcella Vanzo, will be presented by Pietro Gaglianò and Maria Antonia Rinaldi, SACI MA in Art History program Director, and instructor of Contemporary Art Theory & Criticism and Museology.


May 18, 2017 / 9 pm
Museo Marino Marini
Piazza di S. Pancrazio, Florence

The first publication, Rumors of Marcella Vanzo will be presented at Scripta Festival in Florence together with Pietro Gaglianò and Maria Antonia Rinaldi, followed by the projection of the video Rumors.

Rumors. Voices. is the text version of Rumors Live, a performance that shapes itself around the space in which it’s held, made for bodies and recorded voices by Filippo TimiArianna Scommegna, Steve Piccolo, Paolo Maria Noseda among othersIt’s a shameless take on Medea, a portrait of the mythological female character through the rumors and the gossip of her entourage of unblushing courtisans and brazen stereotypes.

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