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"Origins are important to us, as are the ideas of place, memory, time and feeling. We are specifically interested in long term projects as well as the possibilities of the photo book." - SCALENO Collective

Three SACI alumni have joined to create SCALENO, an international photographic collective formed in Florence, Italy in 2015.

The collective is comprised of Leslie Hickey (MFA Photography TA, 2016), Ana Lía Orézzoli (MFA Photography, 2016), Hana Sackler (MFA Photography, 2016). The name, SCALENO, is Italian for scalene. When connected, the cities of the artists' origins make such a shape on the map.

Their first project, Some Other Place, is a project connecting the three artists living in three different cities: Portland, Oregon; Lima Peru; and Berlin, Germany. In it, they ask, “what is it like there, for you?,” and answer with photographs of ten everyday subjects. The goal is to examine the details and subtleties of the ordinary that can go unnoticed, to know what might be found in a park in Lima that you wouldn’t find in Portland or Berlin. Or how fog is similar everywhere. These images are our the artists' building blocks, used to construct a new city, a truth that exists solely on the page.

Leslie Hickey is a photographer and letterpress printer based in Portland, Oregon, US. She earned BA degrees in Studio Art and English from Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. Her photographic work has been exhibited regularly, including a solo show at the Jules Maidoff Gallery at Studio Arts College International in Florence, Italy. Her photographs can also be found in the forthcoming issue of Big Big Wednesday and online at Essentialist Magazine. In October 2017 she will travel to Civita di Bagnoregio for a fellowship through the Civita Institute. Additionally, Leslie is the proprietor of Hoarfrost Press, a letterpress operation through which she conducts a quarterly subscription service. In her current body of work, she is building a photographic dictionary, an optical lexicon that will serve as a manifesto of sorts for the future.

Ana Lía Orézzoli is from Chimbote, Peru and now resides in Lima. She studied Communications at Universidad de Lima and majored in journalism. For eight years she worked as a photojournalist for multiple newspapers in Lima, and from 2010 - 2014 she also worked as a photo editor for two of the most influential editorial companies in Peru. She spent the last two years in Italy, recently earning her MFA in Photography at Studio Arts College International in Florence. Her work has been exhibited in Le Murate PAC, Consiglio Regionale - Toscana, and the Museum of Natural History in Florence, among others. Her work was selected to be a part of the Latin American Fotografía Collection 2015 (AI-AP) and was also published in Incandescent Zine Issues 9 and 12. Ana Lía’s work is personal yet accessible. Her curiosity leads her to explore ideas in her work such as memory, place and the everyday.

Hana Sackler is originally from Brooklyn, New York, US but is currently based in Berlin, Germany. Previous to moving to Berlin in 2016, she spent two years in Florence, Italy, at Studio Arts College International completing her MFA in Photography. She has exhibited her work regularly and won Best in Show at Art Clash in Florence in 2015. In 2016 she was invited to exhibit her photographs through Slideluck Prato at Galleria Lato in Prato, Italy. She has exhibited at the Museum of Natural History in Florence, Consiglio Regionale - Toscana, Le Murate PAC, Gallery Biagiotti Progetti Arte, Millepiani in Rome, and most recently at the contemporary art space Centrum, as a part of the 2017 48 Hours Neukölln Art festival in Berlin. Her work has been published online through Essentialist and YET magazine. Hana works with video, sound, and still images investigating the themes of perception, identity, and the unusual in the everyday. She uses these media to look at the ordinary and extract those unknown moments that make us question the subtleties of the familiar.

"Origins are important to us, as are the ideas of place, memory, time and feeling. We are specifically interested in long term projects as well as the possibilities of the photo book." - SCALENO Collective

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