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SACI’s Black & White Photography class, Summer 2016

While the Digital Photography course taught at SACI during July took place through SACI’s summer program in Venice, the traditional Black & White Photography class is held in Florence. Even during the hot summer days in the city, the darkroom is always a cool place to be!

According to instructor, Romeo Di Loreto, photography has a “magic” sense which he is endlessly passionate about:

“Photography is one of the most exciting forms of image making. Invented in the 1820s to 1840s, it still remains a mystery for whomever uses it. For me it is still magic. Mistakes can easily become tools for beautiful image making. Photography’s weakness can even be its greatest strength; one can discover this very early or it can take years and years. Making photographs means making thousands of decisions almost instantly. To bring all the technical limitations and the artistic possibilities together into a single, well-seen and rendered photograph. A picture which conveys information and emotion is a juggling act that requires years of training to master.”

Here are some images from SACI’s photography studio. Don’t underestimate this summer’s small class size — each student received personal attention and produced some amazing images! (Photo credit: Lina Bessonova.)


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