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SACI Spring 2019 End-of-Term Exhibitions in Florence

Photos by Michaela Mau

SACI students exhibit selected works in end-of-term exhibitions in Palazzo dei Cartelloni and Palazzo Jules Maidoff in Florence

For the final exhibitions of the Spring 2019 Term, SACI studio art students had the opportunity to exhibit selected works in SACI’s two galleries in Florence: the SACI Gallery in Palazzo dei Cartelloni and SACI’s Maidoff Gallery in Palazzo Jules Maidoff.

The 2D, 3D, and Photography exhibition, held in the SACI Gallery, included works by SACI Photography, Painting, Printmaking, Drawing, Sculpture, Ceramics, and Fresco students. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors celebrated the works at an opening reception held on April 10th at 6pm.

Following the exhibition, visitors moved to Palazzo Jules Maidoff for the Design and MICA exhibition, which opened at 7pm and included selected works by SACI Architectural Drawing, Book Arts, Italian Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Typography, lllustration students, and SACI students from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). The works were displayed in SACI’s Maidoff Gallery and within numerous studios throughout the palazzo.

Both exhibitions were on view until April 16th.

Congratulations to all of our students for their great work this semester!

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