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SACI Recommends: 2019 Exhibitions in Florence

“Animalia Fashion”
Palazzo Pitti, Museo della Moda e del Costume

“Antony Gormley. Essere”
Uffizi, Aula Magliabechiana

Recommendations from SACI: Art exhibitions and events happening in Florence this spring and summer

The spring and summer months mark a busy time of year in Florence, and exhibitions are no exception. There’s much to see and do in the Renaissance city, but the many art experts at SACI keep us up-to-date on all the best exhibitions in Florence throughout the year. Students in our undergraduate and graduate programs have the opportunity to visit the wide variety of shows throughout both Florence and Tuscany, whether through SACI class field trips or individual visits. 

Discover our recommendations for what to see this spring and summer.

“Animalia Fashion”

Palazzo Pitti, Museo della Moda e del Costume, Jan 8 – May 5, 2019
Museum of Costume and Fashion, Pitti Palace

In “Animalia Fashion," clothing, accessories, and jewels become an experience, a journey of exploration probing the history of zoological science but, above all, a discovery of shapes and colors that conjure up images of animals both common and rare. Contemporary style – the exhibition showcases items created between 2000 and 2018, loaned by famous fashion houses and emerging stylists alike – expresses its outstanding creative power thanks also to unexpected juxtapositions in the museum rooms, with real stuffed animals and snakes in formaldehyde loaned by Florence's Museo di Storia Naturale La Specola and spiders (in showcases) loaned by the Associazione Italiana di Aracnologia, but also with old master paintings and exhibits from the Museo di Antropologia ed Etnografia and with reproductions of drawings taken from old bestiaries and pages from medieval tacuina sanitatis. Learn more.

“Antony Gormley. Essere”

Uffizi, Aula Magliabechiana, Feb 26 – May 26, 2019

Antony Gormley is widely acclaimed for his sculptures, installations and public artworks that investigate the relationship of the human body to space. “Antony Gormley. Essere” brings together works of different materials and scales that explore the body in space and the body as space, within the contexts of The Uffizi Gallery and around the city of Florence. Learn more.

"Female Perspectives. Women of Talent and Commitment 1861–1926."

Palazzo Pitti, Galleria d’arte moderna, Sala del Fiorino, March 7 – May 26, 2019

Celebrating International Women's Day with an exhibition devoted to the professional commitment and talent of women in Italy from the late 19th and to the early 20th centuries, "Female Perspectives. Women of Talent and Commitment 1861–1926" documents the variety of talents that have made women leading players in history and knowledge in different sectors, stretching from the humblest jobs in the countryside to art, crafts, literature, and sciences. Learn more.

“Leonardo da Vinci: Ingenuity and Textiles”

Textile Museum in Prato, through May 26, 2019

By exploring Da Vinci’s development and invention of devices and machinery, “Leonardo da Vinci: Ingenuity and Textiles” highlights the artist’s interest, cognizance, and ingenuity in one of the predominant economic activities of his time, textile art. The exhibition allows us to comprehend how Da Vinci’s genius and studies were oriented towards the optimization of textile production and how they have constituted the technological framework for the main innovations introduced in the sector during the first industrial revolution. These innovations, representing the foundation of modern automation, are currently used in the main phases of the textile production process. Learn more.

“Kiki Smith. What I saw on the road”

Palazzo Pitti, Galleria d’arte moderna, Andito degli Angiolini, Feb 14 – June 2, 2019

Also in Palazzo Pitti and under the same ticket as "Animalia Fashion," make sure to check out "Kiki Smith. What I saw on the road." Kiki Smith, born in 1954 in Nuremberg, is one of the leading lights in contemporary art and a militant feminist whose works form part of the collections of some of the leading international museums (the MoMA in New York, the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, the Haus Esters Museum in Krefeld and the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona, to name a few) and who won the 51st Venice Biennale by acclamation with her installation entitled Homespun Tales in 2005.

Kiki Smith conjugates traditional techniques (casting, terracotta, tapestry, engraving) with the most sophisticated digital technology, and her themes tap into the visual forms of the Christian Middle Ages, of 18th and 19th century protoscience and of a certain kind of Surrealism, with results capable of still depicting the obsessions, rifts, and inconsistencies of mankind today. Learn more.

“Exit Morandi”

Museo Novecento, March 15 – June 27, 2019

Fifty-five years after the death of Giorgio Morandi, the Museo Novecento, located just a few minutes from SACI, hosts “Exit Morandi,” a major exhibition dedicated to the works of the Bolognese artist including still-lifes, landscapes, floral arrangements, and intaglio prints. Learn more.

“Verrocchio, Master of Leonardo”

Palazzo Strozzi and Bargello Museum, Florence, March 9 – July 14, 2019

From 9 March to 14 July 2019 Palazzo Strozzi celebrates Andrea del Verrocchio, an emblematic artist of the Florentine Renaissance, in “Verrocchio, Master of Leonardo," a major exhibition showcasing over 120 paintings, sculptures, and drawings from the world’s leading museums and collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of New York, the Musée du Louvre in Paris, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the Gallerie degli Uffizi in Florence. Learn more.


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