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SACI Participates in the Florence Biennale 2019

SACI participates in the Florence Biennale 2019 in collaboration with EarthDNA, Studio RF, and Anughea Studios.

SACI will participate in the design exhibition of the upcoming Florence Biennale, part of the of the XIIth edition of the International Contemporary Art Biennial of Florence, at the Fortezza da Basso from October 18-27, 2019. In collaboration with EarthDNAStudio RF, and Anughea Studios, SACI will present an interactive project to provide insight into the data and resources that help us understand the complexity and challenges of climate change. An opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves and interact with the content that climate scientists are grappling with, this installation offers a way to understand and better manage our future more sustainably.

With a decade left to the "point of no return" of planet earth's ecosystem, global climate change threatens the very existence of our human species. SACI worked with EarthDNA (an organization made of scientists, astronauts, designers, and entrepreneurs in the United States who are confronting the challenges of global climate change) on the project Big Data and Climate Change in the Anthropocene Era to help process and visualize environmental data showing the impact of global climate change in our everyday lives. Students and faculty examined EarthDNA's environmental and spatial data and will be presenting the predominant themes and ideas that emerged from this data.

In addition to the results presented from the Big Data and Climate Change in the Anthropocene Era project, visitors to SACI's stand can experience works created by SACI instructor Roberto Fazio and his Studio RFAnughea Studios, and SACI Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Animation students under the guidance of SACI instructors Camilla Torna, Daniele Bedini, and Esperanza Guevara.

On Saturday, October 19th, interactive designer Paolo Servi (Anughea) will present a special performance, BioInteractive, which will transform visitors into avatars through an interactive process, immersing them in videos with biological and evolutionary themes, The performance will be recorded and the resulting video will be shown at the SACI stand during the entire Biennale.

In addition to the works displayed at SACI's stand, Guillermo Trotti—SACI Board Member, Space Architect, and NASA advisor—will present “Space and Earth, macchine e persone” on Thursday, October 24th at 4:00pm as part of the Florence Biennale's main calendar of events.

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