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SACI NY Gallery Presents “Some Ten Odd Years,” Paintings by Alumnus Josh Dorman

The SACI New York Gallery is delighted to present Some Ten Odd Years, an exhibition of paintings by Spring 1987 alumnus Josh Dorman, opening August 29.

Artist and SACI Spring 1987 alumnus Josh Dorman is coming to the SACI New York Gallery to exhibit a collection of new paintings for our fall exhibition. We are excited to present these recent opere in a collection of fourteen paintings entitled Some Ten Odd Years. The exhibition will be on view from August 29th to November 7th, 2019. An Artist Reception will be held on September 19th at 6:00pm.

Some Ten Odd Years
ON VIEW: August 29 – November 7, 2019
ARTIST RECEPTION: September 19 at 6:00pm

SACI New York Gallery
454 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011
Manhattan's West Chelsea neighborhood at 19th St and 10th Ave
Gallery Hours: Monday–Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm 

If you plan to attend, please RSVP here.

Some Ten Odd Years

“I am honored to have this show at the New York home base of SACI. My 1987 study in Florence was formative for me and for my artwork. Exposure to the Renaissance and Medieval artwork of Italy – Giotto, Pontormo, Sassetta, Piero (Della Francesca and Di Cosimo!) and Byzantine mosaics – opened my eyes and blew my mind. Classes in stop-motion animation, intaglio printmaking, classic Italian film (translated in real time by Maria!), and incisive painting critiques by Jules inspired me to continue on my path to become an artist.” – Josh Dorman

Josh Dorman (b. 1966, Baltimore, Maryland) is an American painter who lives and works in New York City. He earned his BA from Skidmore College and his MFA from Queens College.

Dorman’s practice focuses on themes regarding the passing of time and how an object’s meaning is altered over time. His work skirts the line between a technically realist practice and an almost surrealistic flavor.

A body of work that is well-grounded in past movements, paying tribute to them while still aiming at creating something new and worthwhile, Dorman’s work appears to be influenced by Hieronymus Bosch for the obvious correlations with the scale and nuanced intricacies, as well as surrealistic Dali, De Chirico, and those of the futurist era. His work has compelling weight and depth in terms of legibly micro-narratives, recalling similarities to European or Chinese tapestry and Russian iconographic representation. A diverse range of emotional investment can be garnered between micro and macro interpretations of his pieces.

Dorman considers his time in Florence as a primary impetus in his decision to fully pursue painting, and references his experiences at SACI as having created lasting, vivid memories that continue to influence and enriching his practice and life.

“When I was a junior at Skidmore College, I had never lived abroad, and barely having gained the threads of the Italian language, the bonds I formed with fellow SACI students were intense, and many last until this day. The memories are vivid: the overflowing meats and vegetables of the Mercato Centrale, festive lunches at Mario’s, day trips to Fiesole, an overnight to Cinque Terre, the long walk to my apartment at the edge of town and cooking pasta dinners with roommates. For the connections made, the inspiration to be a painter, and the immersion in Italian art and culture, I’m forever grateful to SACI.” - Josh Dorman

Some Ten Odd Years will be on display in our SACI New York Gallery space from August 29th to November 7th. Also make sure to join us at the Artist Reception on September 19th for a chance to meet Josh Dorman and learn more about the inner workings of and inspiration behind his paintings.

- Brianna Hayes, SACI New York Gallery Manager


Learn more about Josh Dorman’s work on his website.

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