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SACI Notice of Closure of Italian Operations

Studio Arts College International Inc Closure of Italian Operations

It is with great regret and sadness that the Board of Trustees of Studio Arts College International Inc (SACI) announces that it has initiated the closing process of its art and design school in Florence, Italy as a consequence of the financial challenges caused by the COVID 19 global pandemic.

Since the beginning of COVID – 19 in March 2020, the pandemic posed an existential threat to study abroad programs and institutions across the globe, including SACI. Factors outside SACI’s control from continued global travel restrictions and repeated lockdowns to ongoing health concerns and the emergence of potential new variants have resulted in a complete absence of study abroad students for over a year and made it unlikely that there would be a sufficient cohort of students to make the Fall Term 2021 viable. As a small independent not for profit institution almost entirely dependent on tuition income, the loss of revenue and the ongoing financial burden have prevented SACI from being in a position to continue its activities in Italy. Whilst these past 14 months the Board and School leadership have worked tirelessly to adapt to this unprecedented situation, after careful consideration the Board has concluded that under current circumstances it is not feasible to further sustain SACI’s operations in Italy.

SACI was founded 46 years ago by renowned painter Jules Maidoff, a Fulbright scholar who had come to Florence two decades earlier to paint and established the strong reputation of SACI we know and love. The Board of Trustees pay tribute to Jules and his legacy – it is because of his vision, talent and dedication and that of Mary Beckinsale that so many students have benefited in such a meaningful way from having studied at SACI. 

The Board wishes to first and foremost acknowledge and thank SACI’s Staff and Faculty past and present (including, in particular former Dean, David Davidson) for their unwavering commitment and exceptional standards of tuition. Also, the Board extends its gratitude to Steven Brittan, SACI’s President since 2016, and Dean Leo Rowland who have continued to raise the academic quality and excellence of the School. Our appreciation further goes to our numerous academic partners.

For SACI alumni, all transcripts and academic documentation will continue to be made available as needed.

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