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SACI Instructor, Daria Filardo, mentors at UNIDEE – Fondazione Pistoletto

UNIDEE – The University of Ideas is an educational program investigating the relationship between art and the public sphere, and combining theory with practice. Through a new program based on weekly research and a project laboratory under the guidance of a mentor and the active participation of a guest, the residency modules developed for 2016 focus on three new macro topics: research, gift, and alteration. Kicking off in April, over the first 7 modules, the program saw the participation of 50 residents, including established professionals and exceptionally gifted individuals currently completing their BA, MA or PhD degrees, representing 18 nationalities worldwide. They are visual and performance artists, curators, architects, critics, PhD candidates, anthropologists, museum professionals, etc.

SACI’s own graduate instructor, Daria Filardo, is mentoring this October at UNIDEE:

3-7 October 2016 
Daria Filardo with Fatma Bucak 
Practicing the Object. Give me an (art)object so I can find my position and continue to move.
In practicing the diverse possibilities of the art object (through case studies, experiments, analyses and production) mentor and participants will be working the open definition of singular and collective identities that are shaped in a continuous collision of borders between art and spectator.
Deadline: 09.09.2016

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