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SACI Housing FAQ

What Sizes Are the Student Apartments?

The apartment size for SACI Housing varies from one-person to seven-person apartments with double and single rooms.

How Close Are the Apartments to the School?

Distance varies from right next door to a 20-minute walk.

When Are Students Informed of Their Address in Florence?

Unfortunately, due to the complex logistics of our student housing organization, we are unable to provide housing information before students' departure. Once students arrive in Florence, they will receive a housing packet with this information included.

Can Students Choose Their Roommates?

Yes, students can indicate preferred roommates on the SACI housing form. The Housing Coordinators will do their best to match all requests when possible.

How Will Rooms Be Assigned?

Students who request single rooms on their SACI housing form have top priority for the single rooms available. There are a limited number of single rooms available each term. Singles are assigned based on the date the general program deposit is received. Students are assigned to the double rooms following a "first come, first served" basis.

Is SACI Housing Provided Between Terms?

SACI housing is not provided between terms. Academic Year, Post-Bac, MFA, and MA students staying in Italy over the Christmas break between Fall and Spring terms can remain in SACI apartments for an additional fee of $400. Students staying between Spring and Summer I terms may reserve SACI housing between terms for an additional fee of $600. There is no additional fee for students enrolled in the Full Summer Florence + Venice program who wish to remain in SACI Florence housing until the Venice term starts.

Students in Homestays must vacate their rooms during the holidays between Fall and Spring terms (personal items can be kept in the SACI basement between terms). 

Students must vacate their apartments on the last day of term, according to the times and dates provided in the SACI Events Calendar. If you are planning on traveling at the end of term, there are several locations in Florence that offer luggage storage.

What Linens Do Students Need to Bring?

SACI apartments are fully furnished with the exception of towels. You will need to bring them with you or buy them in Florence. If you select the Homestay option, towels will be provided by the host family.

Are Pets Allowed in SACI Housing?

No pets are allowed in SACI housing.

Are Overnight Guests Allowed in SACI Housing?

Only SACI students are permitted to stay overnight in SACI apartments, and no one else is—not family members, friends, boyfriends, or girlfriends. It is illegal in Italy to have someone staying overnight in an apartment unless the visitor registers with the local police that he or she is staying in the apartment. But SACI students are not permitted such visitors. The only ones permitted to stay overnight are the SACI students assigned to that apartment—not even other SACI students.

Is Smoking Permitted in SACI Housing?

Smoking is not permitted in SACI housing.

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