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SACI Founder Jules Maidoff Awarded Prestigious Tuscan American Award

TAA Award Video by Serena Caponetti and Davide Aiello

Jules Maidoff, SACI's Founder and President Emeritus and recipient of the Tuscan American Award, honored at a ceremony at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

SACI Founder Jules Maidoff has been awarded the prestigious Tuscan American Award for enhancing relations between the United States and Tuscany through his contribution to the art world and for founding SACI, whose reputation in Florence as a center for artistic excellence continues to grow.

The TAA Award Ceremony was held on March 5, 2019 at 5 pm in the Salone dei Cinquecento of Palazzo Vecchio (where Leonard’s Battle of Anghiari is thought to be hidden and where scenes from the movie Inferno with Tom Hanks were shot). The U.S. Consul General Benjamin Wohlauer and the Vice Mayor of Florence Cristina Giachi were present to honor Jules for his contribution as an artist, for his founding of SACI, and for SACI’s many collaborations with Italian institutions. SACI President Steven Brittan, an alumnus who was mentored by Jules, spoke about Jules’ many contributions. Following Mr. Brittan's introduction, Jules gave a visual presentation of his career as an artist, his founding of SACI, and SACI's contributions to the community. The intent of the award ceremony was to expose students who are studying in Tuscany to positive role models who are dedicated to building bridges between the Italian and U.S. culture.

The ceremony was held in English, and was open to all American College and University programs in Florence and to the general public. The SACI community and students from other American university programs were in attendance, as well as Italian dignitaries and the general public. 

The award ceremony was followed by a reception nearby. 

View a video of the ceremony, created by Serena Caponetti and Davide Aiello for the Tuscan American Association, and video coverage by Toscana TV, which aired on Italian television. 

About the Tuscan American Award

The Tuscan American Association, presided by its co-presidents Andrea L. Davis and Maurizio Mancianti, together with the US Consulate in Florence, holds an annual ceremony, which is an important institutional event organized with the City of Florence, to attribute the Tuscan American Award, given to two award recipients, one Tuscan and the other American, who have contributed significantly to further developing the ties of friendship and exchange between the United States and Tuscany. The Tuscan American Award is also intended as an opportunity to present persons or entities who are positive role models for the many American students studying abroad in Tuscany.


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