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SACI Featured in Huffington Post and Vanity Fair Italy

Vanity Fair: “Un Giglio Americano” focuses on positive presence of American universities and students in Florence

Florence is #2 for "This Year's 5 Hottest Cities For Studying Abroad" in The Huffington Post

SACI in the news! SACI has been featured in the The Huffington Post and Vanity Fair Italy as one of the most prestigious American universities in Florence.

The Huffington Post

The HuffPost has listed Florence and SACI in the lineup for “This Year’s 5 Hottest Cities For Studying Abroad.” At Number 2, Florence is described as “an especially wondrous city for students with an inclination towards the fine arts,” and SACI is highlighted as a premier institution at which to study art in a global setting and bustling city.

It is home to institutions like the prestigious Studio Arts College International (SACI), which actually offers students a U.S.-accredited degree upon graduation.  […] Florence, widely known as the birthplace of the renaissance, is best travelled by foot (as opposed to by bus or taxi), because every one of its nooks is a work of art.  […] As much as it is a tourist destination, Florence also offers students a home away from home in its five-star gelato shops, pizzerias, and even top-notch vintage stores (for the shopping lovers).

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Vanity Fair Italy

In the latest issue of Vanity Fair Italy, SACI is featured in the article “Un Giglio Americano,” which focuses on the positive presence of American universities and students in Florence. The article describes the importance of these universities in the city, and how students attend shows, develop ideas, and explore the art and culture Florence has to offer.

SACI is described as “one of the foreign universities with the oldest ties to the city, founded by an American in love with Florence, painter Jules Maidoff. The [school’s] base is in the same palazzo in which the family that commissioned Leonardo's Mona Lisa lived.”

The article goes on to quote SACI President Steven Brittan, who describes how, in addition to coursework, “our students study Italian and volunteer in museums and hospitals,” and many stay in Florence for work or personal reasons. SACI alum Christina Gednalske (MFA in Studio Art 2015) also explains what draws students, particularly artists, to the city: unrivaled art and culture in “museums many wait their entire lives to see.”

In turn, the city has changed and grown thanks to the students who come to study, even for short periods of time. Namely, “foreign students have created a new way of seeing the city. Florence has changed in the last few years. It has become livelier, more international.”

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