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SACI DISx Talks: MFA in Studio Art Students Present Recent Works

SACI MFA in Studio Art students presented Directed Independent Study (DIS) works in SACI DISx Talks.

At the end of the Fall 2020 semester, SACI MFA in Studio Art students held the SACI DISx Talks, where they presented their Directed Independent Study (DIS) work to the public. 

The talks were moderated by MFA in Studio Art Program Director Kirsten Stromberg. Participating artists included Joe Cimino, Eric Frey, Arais Meteyard, Melissa Morris, and David Neal. Some of the works highlighted were included in ESSENTIAL WORK, the MFA in Studio Art Fall 2020 exhibition presented virtually on SACI's platforms and in person at OnArt Gallery in Florence, Italy.

Each semester, students are expected to write their own independent study proposals. This is a place for them to further develop their artistic research and to propose projects. These independent studies are then directed by an advisor or group of advisors that include, among other things and across things, artists, curators, theorists, activists, and educators. 

The x in the DISx is a lighthearted reference to the independent x in the TEDx talks.

- Program Director Kirsten Stromberg

DIS Advisors: Paolo Parisi, Tanya Hastings Gil, Dejan Atanackovic, Carla Repice, Daria Filardo, Patricia Silva, Mary Lamboley, Sandra Miranda Patin, Jacopo Santini, and Carola Haupt and Ilaria Gadenz of Radio Papese.

Collective DIS Advisors: Regan Wheat, Justin Randolph Thompson

The Directed Independent Study (DIS) is an intensive and individually-designed tutorial in which the student meets weekly with an instructor to review studio work created specifically for the DIS. The DIS format enables a student to propose a study plan to meet a specific educational need pertinent to an individual’s artistic or scholarly development.

View the SACI DISx Talks.

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