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SACI Digital Multimedia and Body Archives students exhibit at OnArt Gallery

Students in the Digital Multimedia and Body Archives courses, both taught by Dejan Atanackovic, had the exciting opportunity to exhibit their works at OnArt Gallery in Florence this April. 

ReMemory featured video and sound installations around the theme of memory by the students in Digital Multimedia. After a semester of discussion and dialogue about memory, oblivion, and time, and through examples of numerous contemporary artists, these works emerged to confront the fragility of memory, its fragmentation, and the relationship between memories and objects, and the way in which memories are formed. The participating students were Alinah Akbar, Davis Avila, Robin DeSantis, Jessica Howell, Adam Moftah, Katerina Motylova, Genevieve Pipoly, Koyal Raheja, Sara Van Krosigk, Doone Williams. 

A Thorough and Very Accurate Examination of the Human Kind, by the students in the Body Archives course, considered the theme of the representation of the human body, visiting the museum collections of the Università di Firenze, in dialogue with experts in various scientific disciplines. Working around the theme of 'otherness', and attempting to define the 'other' in our time, the students have developed artistic projects that approach the theme from various points of view: museum representation, colonialism, sexual identity, beauty, skin, uniformity. The works included video projection, objects, installation, photography as well as other media. The participating students were Olivia Biel, Ben Blaustein, Joseph Cimino, Marian Farrell, Celestine Jensen, Jacob Sipos, Alicia Weissenbach, Melina Wilcox, Chloe Winston. 

As part of the Body Archives show, MFA in Studio Art student Robin DeSantis presented her performance piece Lunchtime Retrospective, which she developed in collaboration with the artists from the art and therapy center Fili and Colori over several months spent cooking family recipes together and sharing memories of the past. This exchange culminated in a live performance featuring the exchange of words, video, and food.

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