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Robert Fazio Creates the Visual Design for La Divina Commedia Opera Musical

SACI Interactive Art & Design instructor Roberto Fazio is behind the magnificent visual design for La Divina Commedia Opera Musical.

The visual design for the celebrated La Divina Commedia Opera Musical is the work of Roberto Fazio Studio, led by SACI instructor Roberto Fazio. With his enormous, elaborate projections and 3D mapping techniques, Fazio brings the theatrical set of Dante’s world to life with light and moving images, surrounding the performers with the scenery of Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso.

After its successful 2007 premiere, La Divina Commedia Opera Musical, a monstrous challenge as an artistic production, has returned to bring the theater of Dante Alighieri’s famous text to life. Exploring the journey of the Florentine poet in its entirety, the opera depicts the three famous worlds in modern language. The show will travel throughout Italy during the spring of 2018.

“This is the story of a man and the story of all men.”

Roberto Fazio is a creative coder, multimedia artist, and educator who teaches Interactive Art & Design at SACI. His work investigates human-machine communication and interaction. Fazio has created many interactive installations for cultural events and international institutions, and heads an interaction design studio that provides digital solutions for numerous companies and clients, including Nike, Ralph Lauren, BMW, Heineken, Asus, Hugo Boss & McLaren, Ferretti Yacht, Bridgestone, Bacardi, Ferrari, Triennale di Milano, and many more. He has taught Interaction and Multimedia Design, Generative Design, and Creative Coding at IED Istituto Europea di Design in Florence, Università Iuav di Venezia, and the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente Cali in Colombia. A strong advocate and investigator of new technologies, he frequently lectures and organizes workshops on interactivity and coding.

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