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Post-Bac in Studio Art Director Justin Randolph Thompson and student Tatjana Lightbourn bring Black Archive Alliance to the Worthington Library

Justin Randolph Thompson, Director of the Post-Bac in Studio Art program at SACI, and first-year MFA in Studio Art student Tatjana Lightbourn bring Black Archive Alliance to the SACI Worthington Library.

From November 27-29, the SACI Worthington Library took part in the Black Archive Alliance, conceived by Justin Randolph Thompson, organized by Villa Romana, supported by the Tuscany Region-Tuscanyincontemporanea2018, and in collaboration with Black History Month Florence. The Black Archive Alliance is an initiative connecting various sites throughout Florence with a series of mini-exhibitions, tours, and presentations based on private and public archives, collections, and libraries with holdings that reflect the realities and histories of African and African Diasporic people and their representation. The project aims to debunk the myth of African presence in Florence and greater Tuscany as an exclusively contemporary phenomenon.

A series of shows held from November 27-29 created a virtual map of this archival presence in the city. A resulting catalogue assisted additional research while providing insight to those who visited the spaces involved in the collaboration throughout Florence and beyond. Drawing upon the form of an archive folder, the public was invited to visit each site in the list to collect the pages of the catalogue in an informative, participatory game.

Many participating scholars and students completed archival research and wrote engaging texts for the series of exhibitions, the results of which are still on view or ongoing at many sites. At SACI, first-year MFA in Studio Art student Tatjana Lightbourn conducted extensive research in the SACI Worthington Library to select texts pertaining to Black Archive Alliance from the library collection, curating the materials to create a prominent display in the library.

The public is welcome to come explore Tatjana's selections during SACI’s regular hours of operation.

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