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"Penombra": Works by graduating students in MFA in Studio Art and Photography Programs at Galleria Il Ponte

Penombra, the final exhibition of SACI’s 2018 graduating class of MFA in Studio Art and MFA in Photography candidates, was on view from April 19-23, 2018 at Galleria Il Ponte in Florence, Italy. Following two years of guidance by local and international artists, curators, and their instructors, including Filipe Rocha da Silva, MFA in Studio Art Program Director, and Romeo Di Loreto and Jacopo Santini, MFA in Photography Program Co-Directors, the seven graduating artists presented a stunning selection of works in painting, installation and photography. 

Filipe Rocha da Silva writes "Penombra, is the title chosen by the seven graduating artists in the SACI MFA in Studio Art and MFA in Photography programs for their final exhibition at Galleria Il Ponte. Very similar to the English word penumbra, this Italian word derives from Latin "paene" (almost) "umbra" (shadow). At first glance, it may seem inappropriate as a title for the final effort of these MFA graduates, yet, as the great 20th-century Spanish philosopher Maria Zambrano wrote, even the sun finds its own freedom only among the shadows, in the penumbra. Avoiding absolute darkness and blinding illumination, artists learn to navigate in the penumbra, enabling them to reach out as far as possible." 

Works by:
Jay Dexter MFA in Studio Art
Victoria Hodge MFA in Studio Art
Lindsey Katherine Johnson MFA in Studio Art
Cocoa Laney MFA in Photography
Jane Mason MFA in Studio Art
Maria Nissan MFA in Studio Art
Margareta Sköld MFA in Photography

Photo credits: © Margherita Villani

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