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“Art should be like life…it should be beautiful, complicated, and uncomfortable.” - Paul Beel

One of Europe’s leading figurative painters, Paul Beel’s work has won numerous international awards and is widely exhibited and sought out by collectors.

Paul teaches Painting at SACI and is a SACI alumnus whose talent led him to receive a full-year scholarship. He later went on to receive his MFA from Bowling Green State University. As a young American, he traveled to Florence, Italy, to study painting at SACI. Passionately inspired by the wealth of figurative painting in Italy, the artist stayed in Europe and soon developed his own unique style which pits classical ideals against the disillusionment of contemporary life. Says the artist of his work, “I’m never satifised by rendering a good figure or face, I’m looking for something that gets more under the skin, that complicates an easy reading, that surprizes me.” His work is widely exihibited and sought out by collectors, he has won numerous awards (most notably the BP Portrait Travel Award and the Premio Celeste), and is included in the MEAM, Tullman, and Benetton collections. He lives in Florence.

Paul Beel has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting, Bowling Green State University, Ohio; Master of Fine Arts Degree in Painting, School of Art at Bowling Green State University, Ohio. 

Teaching philosophy 
I love drawing and painting from observation, and I’m passionate about passing skills and sensibilities I’ve learned throughout my career to young artists. I don’t correct student’s work…instead, I note the differences between their observation and mine, and encourage them to decide for themselves how they perceive their model.

“Art should be like life…it should be beautiful, complicated, and uncomfortable.” - Paul Beel


Paul Beel: Un americano in Italia. Segreti e passioni
Paul Beel 2010
Paul Beel
Paul Beel 2001

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