"Nel paesaggio (Into the Landscape)" by Luca Lupi Opens Wednesday, September 18 in SACI's Maidoff Gallery | SACI College of Art & Design Florence


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"Nel paesaggio (Into the Landscape)" by Luca Lupi Opens Wednesday, September 18 in SACI's Maidoff Gallery

Luca Lupi, Vista III, 2013

Luca Lupi, Marina di Castagneto Carducci, 2018

Nel paesaggio (Into the Landscape), an exhibition of photography works by Luca Lupi, opens September 18 in SACI's Maidoff Gallery.

SACI's Maidoff Gallery
OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, September 18, 6pm
ON VIEW: September 18 - October 14, 2019

SACI’s Maidoff Gallery presents Nel paesaggio (Into the Landscape), photographs of seascapes by Luca Lupi. Characterized by cool colors and low horizons, many of the images in the exhibition are on view for the first time.

These landscapes, crushed between the sky and the sea, are built with a palette of whites, blues, and grays that create balanced and minimalist photographic compositions and remote landscapes, as if seen from a distant window. They remind us that, in comparison with the sky and the sea, our world appears very small. The photographs depict where the earth ends and the sea begins, where the known ends and the unknown begins, "where, literally and physically, the ground is missing under our feet: the fear of the unknown, but also the desire to overcome it in a constant challenge with the self” * – a limit the artist continues to push.

For this reason, the artist’s presence is deeply felt in these vast, almost empty landscapes containing few objects. Regardless of an object’s actual size, it appears small, like a lost toy, seemingly abandoned by the artist, left there to tell us his story and lead us into his adventure.

This still and silent narrative is constructed with no apparent movement or action. Even the wind seems to hold its breath, waiting for the next step, the “giant leap” that occurs silently while we are traveling Into the Landscape of our souls, never losing sight of the horizon.

Text by Špela Zidar
*Ilaria Mariotti, Landscapes|Finis Terrae, Passaggi Arte Contemporanea


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