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Modern European & Italian Art


  • ARTH367 Modern European & Italian Art3

    Term: Fall

    Prerequisites: None

    This course begins with the foundations of avant-garde art in the 19th century, explores the meaning of Modernism and introduces different methods of interpreting art developed during the century. The avant-garde trends are deeply analyzed in their formal, historical, and philosophical aspects. Modernist art is considered as a new perspective in art language, as well as being related to the events which occurred in society at the time. The course proposes a new discourse on the problem of representation and gives fundamental instruments to understand the visual language of modern and contemporary art. The rise of modern Italian and European art is discussed and analyzed with a special focus on the connections between avant-garde movements and technology, social change, and new media. The ideas and the relationships between single artists and major movements are examined as the fundamental basis of these artists' activities and artworks. Emphasis is given to the relationships and the specific influences among artists belonging to different movements. Beginning with the post-impressionists, key movements and groups are studied, such as those of the fauvists, the cubists, the futurists, the Dadist, etc. The course stresses in particular the seminal works and idea of Marcel Duchamp.

    (See syllabus below. An updated syllabus will be posted at the beginning of each term.)

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