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MFA in Studio Art Alumna Keri Rosebraugh Co-Founds Artist Residency in France

SACI alumna Keri Rosebraugh (MFA in Studio Art 2016) co-founds L’Expressoir, a residency in Marnay Sur Seine, France.

Spread the news! Keri Rosebraugh, 2016 alumna of the MFA in Studio Art program at SACI, has co-founded a residency in Marnay Sur Seine, France, with fellow artist Mathilde Rousseau Domec. The residency, called L’Expressoir, is open to various modes of expression: visual arts, music, theater, composing, and more.

L'Expressoir Artist Residency invites emerging and established artists of all disciplines for a time and space away from their usual environments, providing an opportunity for artists to reflect, research, create, and present in the small, historic village of Marnay Sur Seine, France.

Located one hour from Paris by train, Marnay Sur Seine attracts diverse international artists and boasts a strong local community built from relationships between different cultures. L'Expressoir focuses on bringing people together in Marnay Sur Seine to emphasize the importance of meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchanges through music and art, allowing regional, national, and international artists the opportunity to exchange professional and emotive approaches towards new experiences and aesthetic realities.

The residency, now open to applications, offers 1 to 2-month stays to 3 artists at a time. L'Expressoir offers support for many aspects of the residency by providing housing, a private artist studio, and much more.

Learn more about the residency details and deadlines on the L'Expressoir website.

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