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MFA in Photography: Studio Co-Requisite I (First Year)


  • ART605 MFA in Photography: Studio Co-Requisite I (First Year)3

    Term: Fall

    Prerequisites: Admission to MFA in Photography Program

    This course covers advanced black-and-white photography techniques.  Topics explored in depth include exposure methods (e.g., “zone system”), photographic chemistry, basic sensitometry, and developing/printing. Students are trained in advanced approaches to print toning and bleaching, manipulation of developers, and experimental printing techniques aimed at fostering personal aesthetics and visual language.  Students are instructed in lighting methods and the use of medium- and large-format (4 x 5) cameras.  The course includes frequent demonstrations, critiques, and instruction in research techniques that can be used to seek out unusual photographic materials.

    (See syllabus below. An updated syllabus will be posted at the beginning of each term.)

    Syllabus & Faculty

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