MFA in Photography: Professional Practicum Seminar I (Second Year)


  • ART548 MFA in Photography: Professional Practicum Seminar I (Second Year)3

    Term: Fall

    Prerequisites: MFA in Photography: History & Aesthetics Seminar II

    These seminars serve as an introduction to and in-depth exploration of the professional world of photography.  Special emphasis is placed on contemporary photography networks and careers ranging from photo-journalist to fine art photographer to photography instructor.  In order to gain a fuller sense of what working in the field of photography means today, students meet with professional photographers, printers, editors, gallery owners, and photography instructors. Emphasis is placed on reading and analyzing texts by photographers and photo-historians and discussing the artistic, documentary, scientific, and commercial potentialities of photography within relevant social, cultural, and political contexts.

    (See syllabus below. An updated syllabus will be posted at the beginning of each term.)

    Syllabus & Faculty

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