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MFA Photo Alumna Cocoa Laney Featured in The Independent

MFA in Photography alumna Cocoa Laney featured in The Independent for photographing the Put it to the People march in London

Congratulations to Cocoa Laney, 2018 alumna of the MFA in Photography program at SACI, who has been featured in The Independent for her photographs documenting Brexit protesters at the Put it to the People march on March 23rd, 2019, which brought approximately 1 million protesters to central London.

Cocoa, a documentary photographer, asked Brexit protesters to write letters to Prime Minister Theresa May, hoping to capture more than just pictures at the demonstration and to convey real reactions from protesters.

As little as two words, for some, were enough: "Do better!!"

Some of her subjects were children, who wrote longer missives.

“All of my friends and family are part-European,” one youngster wrote to the UK’s leader. “Do you want to ruin this?”

- The Independent

Thought to have been one of the biggest protests in the UK’s history, the Put it to the People march had attendees demanding a second referendum on Brexit and for the public to have the Final Say. An online petition to revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit has also been signed more than five million times, putting further pressure on Theresa May, who has struggled to maintain cabinet and party unity.

Read the entire feature or view more of Cocoa's work on her website.

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