Academics / Graduate MFA in Studio Art Summer Low-Residency Program

MFA in Studio Art Summer Low-Residency Program

Earn an MFA in Studio Art by completing three summers of intensive study in Florence at one of the most prestigious American art schools in Italy.

  • Flexible summer master’s program ideal for working professionals that offers lower tuition and cost of attendance
  • Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (only low-residency MFA in Studio Art degree offered by an accredited U.S. institution in Europe)
  • Studio spaces in a fully renovated 16th-century Renaissance palazzo in the heart of Florence
  • Close mentorship by top faculty and interactions with established artists, critics, curators, and other professionals in the art world

Program Overview

Designed for teachers and other professionals who are unable to study abroad in Florence for an entire academic year, the MFA in Studio Art Summer Low-Residency program is ideal for students looking for longer degree-completion times, flexible schedules, lower costs, and distance learning options. Low-residency master’s students take part in an immersive educational experience over three successive summers at SACI, combined with off-campus work during the rest of the year. During the first and second summers, students design a program that balances independent and classroom study, while the third summer emphasizes career options for artists. Students can focus in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, video, or digital multimedia. They have access to studio spaces in our fully renovated Renaissance palazzo in the heart of Florence. Field trips, hands-on learning experiences, and valuable networking opportunities are also built into the program.

Experiential Learning in the MFA Studio Art Summer Low-Residency Program

Our low-residency summer program offers the best of both worlds for working students, combining flexibility and remote study with the extensive on-site learning experiences for which SACI is known. You’ll engage directly with the local art community in Florence, visiting artists in their studios, and interviewing museum curators, art critics, and other major figures in the art world. There are also a variety of field trips: classes regularly visit collections in famous museums such as the Uffizi, Bargello, Accademia, Pitti, Marino Marini, Horne, Primo Conti, Specola, San Marco, Stibbert, and Bardini. Field trips outside of Florence often include visits to Rome; Milan; Ravenna; Pisa and Lucca; Siena and San Gimignano; Fiesole; Vinci and the Medici Villas; Bologna; the monastery of La Certosa; and Arezzo, Urbino, Monterchi, and San Sepolcro. In addition to field trips, MFA students have opportunities to gain practical experience as SACI Teaching Assistants and their artwork is featured in major exhibitions in Florence.

Careers and Networking

Our low-residency program in studio art offers plentiful opportunities to make new connections in the art world in Florence (and beyond) as you develop professional skills that will open doors to new careers. You’ll also have opportunities to interact with SACI’s Artists & Designers Council and the Friends of SACI, which include established artists, photographers, critics, curators, and publishers, many of international renown. Graduates of our MFA in Studio Art program go on to successful careers in diverse areas of the arts and as university-level teachers.

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