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MFA in Communication Design

Investigate the evolution of communication design from its roots in Western visual conventions to current trends and processes, in a U.S.-accredited master’s degree program in Florence, Italy.

MFA in Communication Design: Program Highlights

  • Flexible study options with unique on-site learning experiences
  • Studio space in a fully renovated 16th-century Renaissance palazzo in the heart of Florence
  • Work featured in a major exhibition in Florence
  • Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD)

Program Overview

SACI’s two-year MFA in Communication Design program offers unique opportunities for students to develop a personal design practice while drawing from the rich design and art legacies of Italy and Europe. In the first year, students create a customized program that balances independent study, studio design assignments, and course work, while the second year emphasizes career options for emerging communication designers. MFA students explore diverse mediums using the latest tools and technologies. They gain a greater awareness and understanding of the social implications of communication design, and learn how to use design as a tool for change. Students work in studio spaces in our Renaissance palazzo in the heart of Florence, guided by expert faculty who are both dedicated mentors and active designers. Creative work is further enriched by rewarding travel and networking opportunities, as well as ongoing dialogue and critiques with visiting designers.

Program Curriculum

Students in the MFA in Communication Design program follow an intensive curriculum designed to meet individual study goals. In addition to core graduate seminars, students choose from a variety of electives that supplement and enhance their specialized areas of study. Directed Independent Study courses complement classroom courses and are completed with one-on-one guidance from instructors. In their second year of study, graduate students have the opportunity to complete Teaching Assistantships and participate in the Work(in)Space exhibition series. During the final semester of the program, students take part in an MFA exhibition and complete a Final Paper and Final Presentation.

Visit the MFA in Communication Design program curriculum page for detailed information regarding program curriculum contents.

Experiential Learning in the MFA Communication Design Program

MFA programs at SACI take students beyond the classroom with hands-on learning experiences in one of the most historic and influential cultural centers in the world. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of Italian culture, creativity, and style through presentations and workshops, visits to the studios of cutting-edge designers, and travel to design fairs throughout Italy and Europe. You can gain practical experience as a SACI Teaching Assistant and through design internships in Tuscan design firms and cultural institutions. The Communication Design master’s program also includes a final major exhibition in Florence.

Careers and Networking

The two-year MFA in Communication Design program offers the flexibility to explore your interests and forge your own professional path while building valuable career connections. You’ll learn to adopt practices from both old and new disciplines, including graphic design, information design, and visualization; branding and advertising; infographics; typography; illustration; and environmental, interactive, and web design. At the same time, you’ll gain problem-solving, communication, and technical skills necessary to lead in a wide range of design professions. Extensive networking opportunities throughout the master’s program include chances to meet and work with SACI’s Artists & Designers Council and the Friends of SACI, made up of established artists, designers, photographers, critics, curators, and publishers, many of international renown.

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Program News

  • "Un Punto d’Incontro": 2019 MFA in Studio Art and Communication Design Final Exhibition at Frittelli Arte Contemporanea in Florence
  • "Lorem Ipsum": SACI 1st-Year MFA in Communication Design Students Exhibit in SACI's Maidoff Gallery
  • Graduate Open Studios: Highlights from the February 2019 Edition of SACI Open Studios
  • "There is No There There": Alexandra Wong, 2018 MFA in Communication Design Grad, Exhibits in the SACI New York Gallery
  • Marie Claire Publishes Work by Alexandra Wong, 2018 MFA in Communication Design Graduate
  • "There is No There There": Alexandra Wong, 2018 MFA in Communication Design Grad, Exhibits Thesis Work at Le Murate in Florence
  • MFA in Communication Design Student Manuela Bosch Completes Works for Local Publishing House
  • SACI MX: SACI Partners with Renowned Italian Museums to Improve Museum Experience with Design


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