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"Making Things," Exhibition by Andreas Senoner opens May 29 in SACI's Maidoff Gallery

Andreas Senoner, Making Things

Photos by Leonardo Moretti

Andreas Senoner, Nest, 2018
Painted wood, Lichens

Photos by Leonardo Moretti

"Making Things," an exhibition by Andreas Senoner, opens May 29 in SACI's Maidoff Gallery.

SACI's Maidoff Gallery
OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, May 29, 6pm
ON VIEW: May 29 - July 5, 2019
GUIDED TOUR BY THE ARTIST: Wednesday, July 3, 2pm

‘Making Things’ is an exhibition of recent works by the sculptor Andreas Senoner that explores the process of making, or better, becoming art. The fact that this exhibition takes place in an art school, a place where art and artists are being born, makes this show even more poignant.

It is not coincidental that the material chosen by Senoner is wood, what Senoner calls “a soul of my work.” Wood, a “living material,” is able to convey a message in all of its forms of transformation, metamorphosis, either natural or artificial, projected or accidental. Andreas’ sculptures on one hand give the spectator a feeling of almost sacred solemnity. On the other hand, using only natural materials also as additions to wood, such as lichens, hair or feathers, Senoner’s sculptures almost appear to be found objects subjected to “incessant transformation of the things of this world and governed by their same unpredictability,” being transformed by chance and time while waiting to find the right form and space in society.

This process of mutation transforms the sculptures into symbols, bearers of engram – the memory trace, which according to the German biologist and neurologist, Richard Semon, can transcend to the trace of events no longer limited to being incised in the single individual mind but can convey information from generation to generation.

The works that often do not respect the "realistic" dimensions, therefore, become the part of the archetypal and diffused creativity in the world.

The exhibition 'Making Things' features recent sculptures, wall sculptures, stratifications and installations by the artist, that give a spectator insight into his studio and the process of creation.

Špela Zidar - SACI Galleries Coordinator


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