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Jessie Taylor (SACI MFA 2016) exhibits in South Korea and Los Angeles

SACI Alumna Jessie Taylor (MFA 2016) recently exhibited her work at the CICA Museum in South Korea and at the Duke Art Gallery at Azuza Pacific University in Los Angeles. 

Three of Taylor's paintings were included in a show entitled Art for Living Space at the CICA Museum. In Mark Rothko’s Childhood Dreams (2017), Shadowed by a Dead Man (2016), Francesco Lauretta (2017), Taylor explores the nature of painting through portraiture and themes of family history and origin. The figures are subject to the paint and depict a visceral love for its materiality. Inspired by the birth of her own daughter, these painting reference the baby and child photographs of living and deceased adults, including a cousin, a historical artist, and a living artist. Read the exhibition catalogue here

Taylor's paintings Cousin #16 and Uncle #1 were selected for the MAKING NOW Biennial Conference Exhibit at Duke Art Gallery, which was held in June. 

View more of Jessie Taylor's work on her website, or learn more about SACI's MFA programs here

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